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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 197

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Chapter 197

The street photographer sent the photo to John via Bluetooth, and John stared at his phone screen
after receiving it, his eyes never blinking once.

How good was it that he would be so engrossed?

Cordy was not interested at first, but she was now getting eager.

Eventually, she could not help asking, “Let me have a look.”

John turned away from his phone screen then and passed his phone to Cordy.

She looked at the screen to see John taking a bite out of her sundae, his facial features perfect as ever
when viewed from the side.

What she did not expect was that she was photographed staring at John’s face, when she was under
the impression that she was just staring at her sundae-worried that John would finish it.

But what really hammered the nail on the coffin was her eyes, for they simply looked so tender and
sentimental as she stared at John.

She suddenly realized she would have trouble explaining this.

“Are you done looking?” John asked,

“I am,” Cordy replied, feigning nonchalance as she returned his phone to him.

He chuckled and said, “Let’s go.”

“Where?” Cordy asked.

“Bungee jumping.”

Cordy was speechless-could they not just spend the day relaxing?!

The sixth day was the final day they would spend together on Ayro Island, since they would be
returning to North City early tomorrow.

Cordy had been reluctant to come at first, and she was naturally surprised to find herself reluctant to
leave as well.

It had been a while since she found herself loving a place so much.

Be it her houses in Zidonia or rented rooms abroad, those were all just lodgings.

On the other hand, she had genuinely beautiful memories of Ayro Island, and she truly felt that this
place allowed her to forget many troubles.

However, that was also the day John seemed to vanish.

During the days before, he would always barge his way in before she woke up, scoop her up in his
arms, and leave the villa.

So where did he go today?


Eventually, she could not resist calling him.

He answered that he had to deal with something, and he promised to return before dinner.

So she was dumped for the sake of work.

And yet…

Fine, work was more important!

Moreover, she enjoyed being idle since she did not have to worry about John dragging her off to some
potentially fatal activity.

Loafing around the villa, she ate and slept, even going for a swim.

However, John did not return even when the skies had turned dark, and she wondered if he had
forgotten about her and had dinner with his business partner instead.

She hesitated for a bit but she ultimately did not call him since she was concerned she might disturb
him during a business meeting. Instead, she stayed in the living room, watching TV and checking her
phone from time to time, killing time as she waited for him. 1

He called her at nine, and Cordy’s immediate reaction was that he would tell her he was not coming
back for dinner.

But though she was prepared for it, she heard his familiar voice say, “Come to the window, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy frowned as she walked over to the window with her phone.

As soon as she reached it, endless fireworks shot up into the air, bursting up in the skies and
illuminating it.

Every woman would be swept off their feet by such a romantic sight, and Cordy was no exception.

She simply stared outside at the blinding, dazzling fireworks across the skies, and it definitely struck a
chord in her heart.

“Would you please come out, Ms. Sachs?” John spoke over the phone again just then.

Cordy did as she was told, and when she stepped outside, she saw that someone had already
decorated the beach with exquisite detail. There were flashing colored light bulbs everywhere, shining
brightly amid the night sky.

The villa they stayed in was connected to land by a long, wooden bridge. As she walked toward the
bridge, the lights on both sides would light up as she went, producing a sense of grandness.

Cordy eventually stopped at the beach and stared at the dining table before her.

It was decorated with candles and roses, while glasses of red wine and expensive steaks were already

Beneath it were more colored light bulbs, arranged in the shape of a heart.

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