Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 200

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Chapter 200

Standing ashore, Cordy called out, “John!”

John breached the surface then, having already taken off his tuxedo. The white shirt underneath was
soaked through and glued to his body, clearly accentuating his muscular form.

“Can you come ashore now?” Cordy asked.

“Almost,” he replied.

“Come here,” she told him, offering a hand to pull him out.

Nonetheless, he said, “You shouldn’t touch me right now, Ms. Sachs.”

Cordy’s fingers twitched, understanding what he was hinting at.

“I can get out myself,” he added, stepping out of the ocean.

The water was a little cool in the night, and John’s body clearly felt cold after he got to the beach.

A breeze swirled over him and he sneezed, looking quite the mess just then.

Cordy could not help giggling at the sight, and he growled grumpily, “Whose fault is this, I wonder?”

“Come on. Let’s go back inside,” she said, clearly in a good mood.

With that, she followed him back to the ocean villa.

He was planning to go straight to his room for a hot bath to warm himself when she called out, John.”

He turned around to find her smiling. “Thank you.”

She was really touched by everything he did for her tonight.

John smiled in return, albeit clearly feebly. “I’d rather you scold me right now, Ms. Sachs…”

Cordy frowned. Did he have masochist tendencies?

“For example, calling me names like a pig and such,” he finished and turned to leave, closing the door
to his room behind him.

Cordy smiled faintly.

She certainly understood what John meant.

Maybe, just maybe… things would go better next time!

Returning to her room, she took a shower before getting in bed.

She had been so exhausted since she came on the trip that she usually fell asleep as soon as she lay
down over the last few days.

But for some reason, she was completely unable to fall asleep today and was left staring at the stars

She could not help biting her lip, which was still swelling a little although some time had passed.


She really was too embarrassed to remember the fiery, passionate kiss she shared with John.

But when she remembered it, she was not repulsed at all.

Their two kisses before were no more than a tender brushing, and this time…

Cordy hid herself underneath her blanket-she should not dwell on it any further!

The next day, Cordy got out of bed with dark circles under her eyes, clearly having lost sleep and
fatigued from it.

John sat opposite her during breakfast. Like her, he had dark circles under his eyes and appeared tired
as well.

“Ms. Sachs, could you have been…” he said, deliberately allowing his voice to trail off.

“No, I just napped too much yesterday and couldn’t fall asleep,” she said, denying it.

He grinned in turn. “Did you know what I was going to say? Why are you in a hurry to deny it?”

Cordy felt speechless and really wanted to spit an expletive right then.

“We’ll be heading to the airport after breakfast,” John murmured nonetheless, his tone indicating his
reluctance to leave.

Cordy actually felt that way too.

They were still them, but she also had this feeling that everything would change once they returned.

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