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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 205

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Chapter 205

Naturally, Randy was under orders from John to help Cordy, since John was too busy to see to it


Even so, he was watching from above until the matter was resolved.

But just as he left, Cordy blinked-the woman who had been standing next to John turned to look

at her too.

There was neither hostility nor friendliness in her gaze, and it looked like a brief, nonchalant glance.

However, Cordy’s woman’s intuition was tingling spontaneously.

The banquet hall was getting even more lively, and at 8 PM, the host of the celebration showed up.

Alan was saved by a hair’s breadth after the death of his son and daughter-in-law, but he was
paraplegic since and was wheelchair bound.

Cordy suddenly remembered what John had told her on their trip to Ayro Island. At the time, he was so
nonchalant when he spoke of what befell his family back then and the pressure that was

thrown on him afterward.

It must have been hard on him at the time, and Cordy’s heart ached for him.

That was when she saw John in his tailored suit, appearing imposing as he wheeled Alan into the
elevator on the second floor as they headed down to the central stage under the floodlights.

With them was John’s aunt and uncle, Nancy Levine and Ivan York.

Richard was nowhere to be seen, though Cordy realized it might be inappropriate for children to attend
this celebration.

Zoe was not with John and the rest either.

That was when Cordy looked up and saw Zoe standing by the handrail, a champagne glass in her hand
and clearly offering a toast.

It was as if she sensed Cordy looking for her.

They had only been recently acquainted, but Cordy somehow found a mysterious bond with her.

Cordy returned Zoe’s gesture in turn and took a sip of her drink.

Then, Zoe gestured at Cordy to look onstage, probably worried that she would miss her cousin’s
glorious moment.

She had always worshiped her brother, after all.

Onstage, John walked up to the podium while the rest of the Levines remained in a corner.

As John spoke steadily in his alluring voice, the immense LED screen behind him displayed Levine

Ventures’ development over the past sixty years, starting from all their accolades and glorious
achievements to the contributions they made to society. The hall was completely silent for half an hour-
it was clearly a PR gesture, but everyone was fully focused as if nothing shown was


While they were left astounded and yearning for more, Cordy was quietly watching John on the

This was the first time she saw him at work.

That towering form, upright gait, handsome face, and solemn expression… Men really are the most
good-looking when they are being serious.

And once John was finished with his report, the hall applauded him thunderously.

After that, he passed the microphone to Alan, who could barely stop himself from smiling.

Alan always knew that his grandson was formidable, though John had spent much of his time abroad
before so Alan only saw his grades and not his performance as a businessman. Since John had been
with Alan for a while since his return to the country, Alan had now truly witnessed John’s talent for
business and was certainly happy about that.

After a few words of gratitude, Alan said, “It’s Levine Ventures’ 60th anniversary today… I remember
my father handing over the company to me when I was forty, and thirty years has gone by in the blink
of an eye. I’m seventy now, and it’s time for me to retire! I’ve introduced John to everyone at my
birthday, but this time, I formally announce that he will take over management of Levine Ventures!”

Crackers popped overheard once he made the announcement, and it was certainly a grand sight as
endless confetti rained down on the crowd.

As the crowd applauded endlessly, Alan continued excitedly, “Last but not least, I have one more
important news to announce!”

He was shaking with unspeakable excitement!

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