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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

With a look from Alan from the stage, the black-clad bodyguards present around the hall closed in

on John instantly.

He did not even have the time to resist and was dragged away by force, watching as Cordy
disappeared from sight.

Even so, his eyes were red and his knuckles clenched!

After Cordy left the banquet hall, she remained very calm. There was no fluster in her gait-she walked
steadily as she lifted her skirt and was neither quick nor slow.

She waved, and a black luxury car stopped in front of her outside the banquet hall.

She had already sent Walter home since she was under the impression that she would be late.

The chauffeur stepped outside and opened the door for her.

She entered without turning back-not that she wanted to.

If she did not hope, she would not be disappointed.

She reclined against the backseat as she stared outside the window, taking in the night view of North

She suddenly smiled-so she was not imagining it.

Things really did change when she returned to North City.

However, she was soon blinking as she noticed something wrong.

“This isn’t the way to my apartment,” she told the chauffeur.

“No, Ms. Sachs, but Master Alan Levine has asked me to take you to Levine Manor,” the chauffeur
replied loudly and clearly.

He was respectful, but there was an edge in his voice that permitted no refusal.

Cordy’s fingers clenched, and she was about to reach for her phone to call the cops when the
chauffeur continued, “Master Levine won’t hurt you, but that might not be the case if you resist.”

He must have sensed her intention and growled a cool threat.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat but she ultimately did not resist.

In North City, the Levines would have no issue making her disappear, and she was reluctant to take
any chances when her life was on the line.

The car eventually arrived at Levine Manor, and Cordy saw that the front yard was at large as an entire

It was outrageous in a place where every inch of land was worth gold, and it went without saying

how wealthy the Levines were.

After the car stopped outside, Cordy was led inside by another servant through their grand lobby and
up to the second floor into a study.

There was no one else, and the servant said, “Please wait here for a moment, Ms. Sachs. Master

Levine will return soon.”


The servant left and returned with some tea and confectionery so that Cordy could have something to

Cordy did not hold back-modern banquets could be starving.

She ate some and waited until 10 PM, when there was some commotion from the front door.

She rose from her chair and watched as Alan’s butler wheeled him in.

The butler closed the door after himself, leaving just the three of them inside the study.

After he helped Alan sit behind the desk, the butler stood behind Alan.

And for a while, both of them stared at her-just like that.

Cordy pursed her lips.

Some people were born with a menacing presence that people could rarely ignore.

“Please sit, Ms. Sachs,” Alan eventually said after a long while.

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