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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 208

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Chapter 208

Cordy took her seat, neither cowed nor pompous as she spoke, “Thank you, Mr. Levine.”

“I’m sure you understand why I’ve invited you to my humble abode-we’re all business people and time
is money, so let me cut to the chase,” Alan said bluntly. “I would like you to leave my grandson.”

“A relationship only concerns the two individuals involved. I don’t believe it’s appropriate for you to
meddle with your grandson’s affairs,” Cordy replied, equally bluntly.

She was certainly not humbled or meek despite the pressure Alan was projecting.

However, it was not as if she could not leave John-they were not so intimate that they could turn
against family.

And after Alan announced John’s engagement to Jessica in front of so many people, said engagement
was set in stone.

Cordy’s relationship with John would in turn end unceremoniously.

Even so, she would rather she could end things candidly with John instead of having others

She had her own principles and dignity too.

“I like your attitude, Ms. Sachs,” Alan suddenly said.

As Cordy blinked, he commented, “I thought you’d be more afraid, but you certainly changed my
opinion with your show of composure.”

Pausing for a moment, he then said, “I understand that you have a past, but I have also seen your
more recent remarkable feats. After all, no plain Jane would ever capture my grandson’s heart.”

He stared at Cordy then, but she was returning his gaze, not at all under the impression she was
accepted despite what he said.

“That being said, it’s not up to just anyone to become the wife of the Levines’ scion. More conditions
must be met, such as an equally important family background,” Alan said directly. “In fact, you can pick
any member of my family to be your spouse, barring John.”

Cordy raised a brow. “Are there any such members in your family?”

“Jay Parker,” Alan replied.

“You don’t roll a dice to decide who you marry,” Cordy said succinctly.

“All I’m saying is that it’s your birth-not your disposition-that makes you unfit to marry John,” Alan
insisted. “And any relationship without the family’s blessing would never be happy. I know you’re
understanding enough not to push for something with so little returns.”

Cordy pursed her lips.

She finally knew who John took after-it was the old man before her, who was stubbornly domineering,
allowing no resistance.

“I won’t protest against breaking up with John,” she said then. “My past experiences have enlightened
me about what it means for others to refuse to acknowledge me, and I won’t make the same mistake
twice. However, you don’t get to decide on your own what happens between myself and John. I would
like him to give me some sort of explanation too, so that I can leave him without any regrets-if I can
have that much of your understanding.”

Alan studied Cordy, who appeared determined.

But that was just how she broke up with Kyle -a clean cut, with nothing left connecting them.


“What if I refuse?” Alan said stubbornly.

Cordy frowned.

How much clearer did she have to put it for him?

She was already saying that she would break up with John, but she just needed to clear the air

with him.

And even if it was just the first time they spoke, she did not consider Alan that unreasonable.

Still, Alan told her loudly and clearly, “I don’t want you to break up amicably with him. I want you to
leave him on your own accord.”

Cordy scowled and said coolly, “Then there’s nothing more to discuss. We’re not coming to an
agreement, and I wouldn’t want to waste your time.”

A sharp look flashed in Alan’s eyes, but he asked, “Why don’t we talk terms?”

Cordy pursed her lips as she watched him continue. “My first offer to you is this: you can have all the
money you want. Just give me a number-as I understand it, you’ve been gathering considerable wealth
working as a famous fashion designer abroad but one would never complain about having too much

“My second offer is Sachs Enterprises. Your mother was the one who founded it single-handedly, and
the Sachs took it as if it belonged to them. I can give it to you immediately if you just say word.”


“The third is Jessop Corp. It survived solely thanks to your blood and sweat, but Kyle and his family
showed no gratitude and instead tried to hurt you in every way. Your revenge is justified, but I can make
them lose everything in an instant.”

“Pick one.”

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