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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 211

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Chapter 211

Zoe did not stop to argue with her grandfather.

Having lived here for years, she knew all too well that he would just talk her to death.

She pulled Cordy along and left Levine Manor, getting into their car that took them back to Cordy’s


Cordy did not say a word along the way and was so silent she might as well be air.

Zoe was not good at figuring out people or she could have avoided being so thoroughly wounded in her
own relationship.

That was why she had no idea how Cordy felt as Cordy remained impassive. Was Cordy really sad, or
was she actually as eerily calm as she looked?

But after they had returned home, Cordy went about her life as usually did, taking a shower and then
going to bed.

It was as if nothing happened earlier, as if she was not hurt, not traumatized, and did not meet Zoe’s

Unable to take it, Zoe dropped to her knees on the edge of the bed and snapped at Cordy, “Cry if you
want, Cordy! You’ll feel better if you do-I’ve done it plenty of times myself or all that pent-up grief would
hurt so much you’ll die.”

Cordy looked at Zoe’s face then and saw how much and obviously worried Zoe was.

She suddenly smiled.

It was not as if she did not want to cry, but she simply believed that crying changed nothing and things
would just stay the same.

Moreover, she had become so jaded after so long that she could not cry, no matter how

tremendous the tribulation.

And that was the case for today.

On the other hand, Zoe became even more flustered-how could Cordy still smile when she was clearly

“Don’t give me that smile,” Zoe cried. “You’ll hurt even more later!”

“I’m fine, Zoe,” Cordy replied calmly without hesitation or gulping.

Her eyes were also serene and clearly not hiding anything as if she did not care.

But Zoe thought that there was no way Cordy did not care-and even if Cordy did not love John, she
would not have stayed unaffected by the deceit.

What could Cordy have gone through that her heart became so indomitable?


years after Jay first broke Zoe’s heart, it still hurt so much she would break!

“Don’t worry about me,” Cordy added just then.

An idea occurred to Zoe just then and she quickly asked, “Are you being wary toward me because I’m
a member of the Levine family?”

“No.” Cordy smiled-she really had no such thoughts, even if she would not think highly of the Levines
after tonight.

Zoe was an exception, even if Cordy did not know how she came to trust Zoe.

But perhaps after meeting so many villains, not everyone Cordy came across would be another!

She would never believe that fate could be that cruel.

“Gosh, Cordy-I don’t even know why I like you so much,” Zoe said earnestly then. “But I promise you
this: even if you ultimately can’t stay with John or become mortal enemies with him, you’ll always be my
best friend!”

“I believe you.” Cordy nodded. “I won’t hold anything against you just because you’re a Levine either.
Either way, I’ve simply accepted everything with grace. Nothing hurts if you genuinely accept it.”

Zoe was left staring at Cordy in disbelief while the latter continued nonchalantly, “It’s late, so you should
go to bed soon. Don’t you have to shoot more scenes tomorrow? Don’t let me keep you up.

Cordy was just so rational it hurt!

“Jay told me he’s pushing my parts to a later date,” Zoe replied. “He told me to keep you company, and
he had some messages for you.”

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