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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 213

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Chapter 213

As Zoe sat at the dining table to eat her breakfast, she texted Cordy. [Back to work?]

Cordy’s reply quickly arrived. [Yeah. Had an appointment at North City Channel to discuss a

[Alright, won’t bother you at the office now, honey. Breakfast was great, love you.]

[Love you too.]

With that, Zoe tapped out of WhatsApp and into a news app.

It went without saying that John and Jessica’s engagement made all the headlines. Various media
outlets released photos of them standing together at the moment of the announcement, congratulated
by the crowd around them.

The comments section was even more ridiculous.

[A match made in heaven! Most importantly, a union between Levines and the Stuarts is simply

[I heard that they were childhood friends. Maybe Richard Levine’s mother is actually Jessica?]

[Now that I took a closer look, Richard does resemble Jessica.]

[Good looking people would only have good looking children.]

[Excuse me, but who are the Stuarts?]

The last one had plenty of replies.

[Google William Stuart and you’ll know.]

[Let’s put it this way-there are only a handful of people in this country who have received the Medalof
Victoria, and William Stuart is one of them.]

[Half of the Stuarts are politicians, while the other half are business people. Most importantly, they’re all
leading figures in their respective fields-don’t you think that’s frustrating?]

Zoe got more frustrated the more she read, and she soon gave up entirely.

He knew that the Stuarts would use their influence to poach John!

After breakfast, Zoe called Linda to adjust her schedule so they could film all the scenes she had left
sooner. Since Cordy had already left for work, Zoe did not have to stay with her.

Still, Zoe wondered if Cordy would feel upset when she read the news..

In reality. Cordy was not feeling particularly upset since she had expected it.

If anything, she felt a little disgusted when she saw the comments speculating that Richard might be
Jessica’s child.

But when she thought about it, that was how the media framed their stories.

They would write whatever drew attention and glorified the person in question!

Putting away her phone, Cordy stared outside the window.

The car taking her to the North City Channel office was a company car-she probably would not be
having Walter drive her around from now on anyway.

Her phone started ringing from a call, and Cordy glanced at it for a moment before answering it.

Kyle was immediately scoffing at her, “See, Cordy? Did you think I was lying? I told you that John has a
fiancee. How does it feel to get slapped in the face?”

“You were engaged to me when you started hooking up with Noel, weren’t you?” Cordy retorted. And
Noel still managed to come up on top, no?”

“How could you be so shameless?!” Kyle snapped, immediately left infuriated by Cordy’s retort.

He never realized when it started, but Cordy was now so eloquent he could never get the better of

her in a verbal spar!

“Just learning from Noel,” Cordy said flatly.

“She and I really love each other.”

“And you think John and I don’t?” Cordy laughed icily. “If that’s not the case, why were neither your
family nor the Sachs invited to Levine Ventures’ 60th anniversary celebration last night? You probably
already know why, don’t you?!”

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