Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 221

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Three Bentleys were parked right outside the main entrance of Levine Manor, and the security guard
rushed forward to open the doors.

The first one to walk out was John, who was dressed in a black suit that emphasized his towering
figure and imposing aura.

After getting out of the car, he ceremoniously bent forward to help Jessica out of the car.

Jessica smiled coyly.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it."

John nodded, politely yet distantly.

Jessica kept the smile on her face, as if she did not care about John's attitude toward her.

The two of them walked one after another to the car next to them and waited respectfully.

Old Mr.William Stuart came out of the car with the help of his personal butler.

Although he was over 70 years of age and his hair had gone completely white, he looked hale and
hearty as he stood tall and straight.

Jessica's parents, Andy Stuart and Wendy Stone, together with her brother, James Stuart, came out of
the last Bentley.

The Stuart family, helmed by William, began walking toward the house.

At the same time, Alan was being pushed in William's direction.

The two men were long-time friends, but the frequency at which they met each other declined along
with their respective health conditions.

Now that they finally met each other, both of them were feeling emotional.

William bent forward and hugged Alan.

"Alan, it's been a while."

"It has, indeed."

They began engaging in small talk, catching up on all the lost years.

Everyone else stood respectfully next to them, not daring to act out of line in any way.

Mandy was taken aback by the aura she could sense from the scene and dared not make a peep.

When news of John and Jessica's engagement broke, she was elated.

It was clear proof that Cordy was nothing more than John's secret lover.

Now that she thought about it, they did not declare their relationship to the public even after so long.

Wasn't that because John did not want Cordy's existence to be known to the world?! She would like
no.velebook to see how smug Cordy could be now! What a joke! She even took the effort to look into
Jessica's background, after which she despised Cordy even more so.

What gave a scandalous woman like her the right to fight with Jessica over a man?! Jessica's life was
almost perfect, so much so that even someone like herself who would never admit that another woman

was better had to concede defeat before Jessica.

Mandy could not help but sneak a peek at Jessica.

Jessica seemed to sense someone looking at her and turned around to look.

Mandy immediately shifted her gaze away, not daring to look into Jessica's eyes.She suddenly felt like
a frog in the well, unexposed and knowing nothing of the world, and she was at a complete loss as to
how to act.She had never gotten cold feet like this.She sneaked another peek at the people around her
and Zoe who was not far away.

The sight of Zoe looking all relaxed and calm made her upset.

Jay, who was standing at the side, was equally composed as well.

It was as if they were very used to witnessing this scene.She seemed to be the only one out of place in
this circle of the wealthy and powerful.

Mandy felt indignant from the bottom of her heart.

Firstly, it was because she truly felt the hit from the sense of inferiority that arose from the depths of her

She had never felt like this from a young age, yet now, a mere family banquet was enough to make her
feel utterly ashamed of herself.

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