Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 224

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She pulled her brother all the way to a dark corner in the backyard of the house.

"John, what's with your engagement to Jessica?!"

Zoe was in a rage but she had to suppress her volume.Her eyes darted warily toward the house, for
fear that someone would come by.

"How is she?"

John counter-questioned in his low voice.He was, of course, referring to Cordy.

"You have the cheek to ask about her?!"

Zoe said in a huff, "You vanished into thin air over these two days just like that, not picking up your
phone and completely missing in action.How do you think she's doing? She's probably putting up a
strong front, what else? Do you want her to drown in her tears?"

"My phone was confiscated by Grandpa,"

John explained, "He's keeping a very close watch on me."

"I knew Grandpa, that old fox, was sly and cunning.What are you going to do now? Will you really
marry Jessica?"

Zoe asked, "Or were you really fooling around with Cordy..."

John glared at her.

Zoe shut her mouth.Her brother had lived a chaste life for so many years.He could not possibly do
something like that! "why don't I lend you my phone so you can no.velebook give Cordy a call?"

Zoe started pulling her phone out from her pocket as she spoke.

Before she could hand the phone over to John, a voice sounded from the darkness.

"Young Master." Zoe nearly screamed with fright.She turned around to look in disbelief at the
bodyguard in black right before her.

When did this man appear right next to them? He did it so discreetly.

"Old Master has instructed for you to not have any private contact with anyone before Ms.Stuart leaves
North City," the bodyguard said respectfully.

"I'll be d*mned!" Zoe could not hold back a curse.

How inhumane could this get?! Her grandfather had always ruled with an iron first, and everything he
says went in the Levine family.But did he have to go to such an extreme extent? Her brother was a
man, not a dog.

Did he not deserve even an ounce of freedom?!

"I am merely acting according to Old Master's orders.Young Master, Miss, please understand," the
bodyguard bowed.

Zoe glanced at John.

What now? The look in her eyes conveyed the question in her mind.She wondered if her brother would
just lose his freedom entirely if Jessica were to decide to stay in North City forever.

John said, "Tell her to wait for me."

"For how long?" Zoe asked.

"Young Master."

The bodyguard stood, ready to make a move.He was probably going to pin John down if they were to
speak any further.

John simply walked away without another word.

Zoe just stood stock-still as she watched him leave.

'‘D*mn it! 'Is John just going to resign himself to circumstance?!' Even she could not bear it, not to
mention Cordy.Zoe returned to the house, muttering curses under her breath as she waited for the
torturous banquet to come to an end.At 10 PM, the two old men finally returned to their rooms.That was
when everyone else could finally leave.Zoe initially didn't intend to stay over at Levine Manor, but she
could not resist her mother's nagging and had no choice but to stay.

On her way back to her room, she walked past Jay's room and saw Mandy inside...

If Zoe were to be honest, she had never seen Mandy keeping such a low profile, as if she were
invisible like air.

Zoe almost forgot that Mandy was joining them for dinner at Levine Manor tonight.

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