Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 223

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John and Jessica chatted in a desultory manner as the dinner went on.Both sets of parents felt glad to
see them getting along so well.

Zoe was the only one who felt so frustrated she wanted to smash a spoon and leave the scene.

The thought of Cordy...Zoe told herself to calm down.She had to remain calm.

"How old is Zoe this year?" William suddenly singled her out.

Zoe was shocked.She was sure things did not bode well with such a question at such an occasion.

Out of courtesy, Zoe put down her spoon and smiled.

"Grandpa Stuart, I'm turning 25 this year."

"It's been so long since I last saw you, and you've grown up to be such a charming young lady.I heard
that you're carving out a career for yourself in the entertainment industry?"

"My academic results were poor so I was left with no choice but to be an entertainer," Zoe said self-

William was tickled by Zoe's remarks.

"There are truckloads of people who can study, but not many people can act."

"Then please help me persuade my grandfather.He keeps telling me to quit the entertainment circle."

Zoe seized the opportunity to turn the tide in her favor.

"Sure, I'll find a chance to persuade that old fogey of your grandfather," William joked.

The atmosphere at the table was very pleasant.

Mandy bit her lip.

Mandy had always looked down on Zoe, thinking that she got to where she was on the basis of
unspoken rules.

Yet now, Zoe was evidently able to engage in a conversation with the patriarch of Rocktown's
no.velebook wealthiest and most powerful family with such ease, and she could even make him
chuckle so merrily.

Mandy felt extremely jealous inside! "Oh yes, do you have a boyfriend?"

William asked Zoe.

"How would I have the chance to?"

Zoe replied with a smile, 'No man would want a woman like me."

Jay's grip over his spoon tightened.

"There you go, teasing me again," William said kindly.

"It's true, no one likes me,"

Zoe said with utmost seriousness.

"Why don't I introduce someone to you?" Zoe was shocked.

"My grandson, James Stuart."

William went on, saying, "He's 30, slightly older than you are and with a great personality.Would he be
your cup of tea?"

His eyes darted toward James seated next to him.He was wearing a pair of rimmed glasses and looked
urbane and genteel.

"Please, no, no." Zoe rejected hurriedly.

"Zoe," Alan warned.

"It's not that I don't fancy James, but James practically watched me grow up.He feels just like my older
brother.It would feel like incest if I were to think of him in the romantic sense!" Zoe explained in a rush.

"What's more, I'm sure James wouldn't like someone as loud as I am.Right, James?"

James pushed his glasses up his nose and said smilingly, "Not exactly."

Zoe's eyes widened.

Jessica chimed in from the side, "I like how loud you are.I always feel so joyful when I'm with you.My
brother often mentions you in front of me, and he watches every single drama and movie you're in."

Zoe looked at James and said in a trembling voice, "Do you seriously fancy me?"

James smiled at her warmly.He was seated right next to Zoe, although it was unclear whether it was a
deliberate arrangement.He reached out and caressed her head, just like an older brother would do to
his sister as he said, "I do appreciate your personality.I never said that I fancy you.

But since we're both currently single, if you are interested, I don't mind giving it a try between us..."

"I'm not interested." Zoe flatly rejected him.

"The entertainment industry doesn't allow its celebrities to enter a relationship so casually.What's more,
my brother and your sister are engaged right now.Let's not make things too complicated."

"It's not complicated at all.We'll only become closer," William added with a smile.

"Grandpa, don't scare Zoe," James said in Zoe's defense.

"Zoe is right.John and Jessica's wedding comes first."

"Their wedding is already written in stone, all they need to do is to find a date," William said in a light
and carefree tone.

"You're no longer young now, I'm just worried you'll end up all alone. Seize the chance when it comes."

"I will."

James nodded as the topic on him and Zoe finally drew to a close.

After dinner, the two families sat around the hall, some enjoying a conversation over tea while some
engaged in a game of chess.

No one appeared to have the intention to leave at all.

Seeing that the time was now, Zoe finally grabbed at the opportunity to speak to John privately.

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