Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 225

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Mandy saw Zoe standing at the door at the same time.

Alan had called for Jay, who in turn told Mandy to wait for him in the room so that he could send her
back later.She had no idea why even came here tonight in the first place.

From the beginning to the end, no one in the Levine household paid any attention to her, not to mention
the Stuart family.

She felt extremely awkward bumping into Zoe at this point.

The thought of how she used to mock and despise Zoe and talk so arrogantly to her made her utterly
ashamed of herself.She could not bear to imagine how much the outside world would attack and mock
her should they find out about Zoe's true identity.

Zoe could of course sense Mandy's embarrassment.She sneered.

A woman like Mandy did not deserve even an ounce of sympathy from her.

Zoe strode past with a slight air of haughtiness.

Mandy felt indignant.

In the past, she had been the one behaving this way toward Zoe.

Yet now, not only did she have to be on the receiving end of Zoe's arrogance, but she also had to
swallow it silently.

Worst of all, she would have to swallow it in silence from now on! Just when Zoe reached the door of
her own room, she saw Jay walking down the corridor from the other end.

Both of their gazes locked.

Zoe turned into her room.

"Zoe," Jay called out.

Zoe stopped in her tracks.

"Not going to Cordy's tonight?" he asked "I'll shut my door and windows tight so that I won't hear
anything coming from you and Mandy's room next door," Zoe said sarcastically.

Jay remained silent.

Zoe felt that there was nothing left between them.

Even being relatives was going to be a challenge.She made a move to enter her room again.

"James isn't bad," Jay remarked behind her.

Zoe laughed.

Did he call her just to rush her into a relationship so that she would no.velebook stop fantasizing about

"I know," Zoe turned back to say.

"But in matters of the heart, I make my own decisions.I wouldn't dare make you worry about me.And
don't worry, I have absolutely zero expectations of you and won't bother you in your relationship.As for
my conflict with Mandy, that's between us and has nothing to do with you.Whether she is your girlfriend
or not doesn't change the fact that I hate her.Of course, I won't show that before the Levines, and as far
as I can help it, I won't affect your marriage plans with her."

"That's not what I meant..."

"I don't want to know what you mean.I've told you what I think in hopes that you won't bother me in the

Zoe interrupted Jay mid-sentence.

"Good night, Mr.Parker."

Zoe slammed the door shut.

Whether she still loved him or not, Jay was a person of the past.

Jay stared at the tightly shut door.

Zoe did not bother hiding her disdain and even disgust toward him.

Perhaps that was for the better.He turned around and returned to his own room.

Mandy immediately put on a smile.


"My dad wants to see you," he said in response.

Mandy was shocked.

The next moment, her shock gave way to feeling flattered.

It was natural that they were wrapped up with entertaining the Stuarts and the Levines, given how
important they were, and inevitable that they neglected her in the process.

Now that they had settled the Stuarts in properly, they finally had the time to meet her properly.

Joy erupted in her heart but she kept herself looking reserved on the surface.

"Jay, is your dad easygoing? Will he make things difficult for me? I feel so nervous."

"He won't pick on you," Jay said mildly.

"Let's go." Mandy wrapped her arms around Jay's, making herself look weak and vulnerable.

Jay did not reject her advances.

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