Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 231

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Chapter 231

Cordy had thought that she would see John again sooner or later, but she did not expect it to be under
such circumstances.

She also thought that John and Jessica would not have the time to bring Richard out, given how busy
they had been over the past few days, which was why she ch9ose to take Richard during this period.
Had she known she probably would not have come, as much as she wanted to.

She looked casually at John, being careful not to gaze at him for too long while not being overly
evasive. She wanted to treat him just as she would any other stranger-neutral and normal.

“Daddy, may I go to Mommy’s place?” Richard looked pleasingly at John and asked.

John swallowed, and he shifted his eyes away from Cordy.

He said to Richard, “Sure.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” Richard could not hold back his joy.

He shook Cordy’s arm excitedly. “Mommy, Daddy has agreed for me to follow you to your place!”

Cordy shot Richard a bright smile and turned back to look at John. “Thank you.’

John clenched his fist ever so subtly.

“Let’s go.” Cordy did not stay longer and held Richard’s hand, all ready to leave.

“Dicky.” Jessica suddenly called out.

Richard turned around to look at her.

Jessica crouched down again and leaned in toward him, “Dicky, I’m returning to Rocktown in a few
days. Can I have a meal with you before I go back?”

“Um…” Richard was clearly hesitant.

“Ms. Stuart, set a date and time and I’ll send Dicky over,” Cordy said.

“You will?” Jessica said in surprise.

“Yes.” Cordy nodded.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The two women were extremely courteous toward each other.

“Dicky, I’ll be at home waiting for you.” Jessica pecked Richard’s little cheeks.

Disdain overwhelmed Richard’s face, and he hurriedly wiped his cheeks.

Jessica did not seem to mind. In fact, she smiled even brighter and said, “You’re still the same as you
were when you were younger, hating being kissed. What are you going to do when you have a
girlfriend in the future?”

It was as if she was deliberately teasing him.

Richard held his face in his hands and remained silent.

“We’ll be off then.” Cordy held Richard by the hand and left.

It was obvious that Richard did not enjoy having Jessica within such close proximity.

“Take care,” Jessica said warmly.

From start to end, John was the one who felt as cold and distant as an outsider.

Cordy drove Richard back to her place with her car that she had just purchased a few days back.

She was not very familiar with it yet and thus drove more cautiously. What’s more, Richard was in the
car with her.

Just then, she saw a familiar-looking Maybach drive past her car.

They were probably driving back since they did not manage to fetch Richard.


“Mommy.” Dicky sat in the child car seat and responded obediently.

“Want to go to the amusement park?” Cordy asked.

“Yes!” Richard exclaimed excitedly. “I’ll go anywhere Mommy brings me.”

“Okay.” The corner of Cordy’s lips lifted in a smile.

Her eyes started to turn red and well up with tears.

She tried hard to calm herself down as she focused on driving to North City’s biggest amusement park.

Cordy led Richard by the hand toward the ticketing counter.

It was the weekend, and it was bustling and teeming with people in the amusement park.

“Mommy, this is actually my first time at the amusement park. I really want to ride on this and that and
that one…” Richard pointed excitedly at the facilities in the park, his face filled with joy.

“Hasn’t your daddy ever brought you to one before?” Cordy’s brows furrowed.

“Daddy used to be really busy and didn’t have the time to bring me out for fun.”

Cordy’s heart ached.

She held Richard’s little hand a little tighter. “Today, Mommy will bring you to ride on everything you
want to your heart’s content, as long as you meet the height requirement.”

“Yay!” Richard leaped for joy.

Hand in hand, the two of them hurried into the amusement park.

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