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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 233

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Chapter 233

Richard pouted.

He had never said that he wanted to take care of Jessica, his ‘godmother’, when she grew old.

Even her status as his godmother was something she had forced upon him.

Cordy simply listened on to the conversation between Richard and Jessica.

She remained silent, and so did John.

Only Jessica and Richard could be heard in the queue, mostly with Jessica taking the initiative to tease
Richard and him going along with it.

After half an hour, it was finally their turn.

“Shall we ride together?” Jessica enthused.

The Ferris wheel carriage was very large, enough to accommodate eight passengers.

“No need,” Cordy rejected immediately. “We shan’t interrupt your date.”

“It’s all right, Jessica said generously.

“There are so many reporters around. It’s not good if they film us together.” Cordy was straightforward
with her words.

Clearly, she had noticed the hoard of people around them.

Jessica turned to look at John, as if to seek his opinion.

“Let’s sit separately,” he said.

“Oh,” Jessica looked disappointed but she did not oppose him. She said regretfully, “I just wanted to sit
in the same carriage as Dicky.”

“You guys go ahead. I can ride on this by myself,” Cordy suggested.

“I want to ride with Mommy,” Richard said firmly.

“You ingrate. To think that I dote on you so much,” Jessica said lovingly yet helplessly to Richard.” Fine,
fine. You can sit with anyone you want. Since when have I made things difficult for you?”

Richard was extremely displeased.

He was no ingrate. He would never behave this way to someone he found important.

Cordy held Richard’s hand as they entered a carriage, while John and Jessica sat in the carriage that
came behind theirs.

The carriages slowly ascended.

The beautiful night scenery of North City came into view.

“Mommy, it’s beautiful,” Richard leaned against the window and said in amazement.

Cordy nodded with a smile.

She had come to the amusement park with her own mother when she was young, but the park facilities
were in no way as developed as they were now, and the city landscape was not as


“Mommy, are you…” Richard suddenly turned around with a solemn look on his face. “Are you angry?”

“Huh?” Cordy was taken aback.

“With Jessica’s presence,” Richard said in a small voice.

“I’m not.” Cordy chuckled.

“I heard that Jessica is getting married to Daddy.”

“Yes, she is.” Cordy nodded.

“Don’t you

feel sad about that, Mommy?” Richard looked up at her with worry-filled eyes.

The gleaming lights of the city shone in Richard’s bright eyes, the sight so bright and pure that it tore at
Cordy’s heart.

She could not help but pull Richard into her embrace.

She hugged him ever so tightly.

Richard was slightly shocked.

For some reason, he had the feeling that Mommy was behaving slightly differently today compared to
other days.

Was Mommy getting emotional because Daddy was about to get married with another woman?

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