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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 234

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Chapter 234

But he also kept sensing a mixture of guilt in his Mommy’s eyes whenever she looked at him.

It was clearly Daddy who let Mommy down.

Richard laid quietly in Cordy’s arms without any resistance at all. He simply allowed her to hold him
tight, as if she had lost him once and did not want him away from her side for even a second.

The Ferris wheel carriage climbed higher and higher in the sky until they reached the peak.

Cordy finally calmed herself down and replied to Richard’s earlier question. “I don’t feel sad at all with
you around.”

“Mommy.” Richard stretched his hand out and wiped the tears away from her face.

That was when Cordy realized that she was tearing up.

It was probably from emotions that she had kept to herself for too long.

It was only now that she allowed herself to release a little bit of it.

Cordy said affectionately, “Dicky, I’m really lucky to have you around.”

“No matter who Daddy marries, I’ll always be by Mommy’s side,” Richard promised.

“Okay.” Cordy caressed Richard’s head lovingly as she smiled.

“Actually…” Richard looked up at Cordy, “Daddy doesn’t like Jessica.”

Cordy shook her head.

It was not that she didn’t believe Richard’s words, but she did not care.

“He really doesn’t. When I was younger, although Jessica frequently came looking for Daddy when we
were abroad, Daddy would always be very cold and distant toward Jessica. Mommy is the one whom
Daddy likes. It’s Great-Grandpa who insists on Daddy and Jessica being together,” Richard went on
agitatedly, “Daddy won’t really end up marrying Jessica. Daddy once told me when we were overseas
that he’ll only marry…”

“Dicky,” Cordy cut him off.

Richard looked at her through his big, dark eyes.

“Little children shouldn’t be worried about adults’ affairs.” Cordy did not wish for Richard to be involved
in such troubles, which he should not even be burdened with in the first place. “You just need to
remember that whatever happens between Daddy, Mommy, and even Jessica, we all love you. No one
or nothing can ever change that.”

“Okay “Richard nodded in all seriousness.

“Let’s take some photos.” Cordy pulled out her phone and snapped some selfies with Richard.

She did not want to think about those unhappy thoughts right now.

In the other Ferris wheel carriage, Jessica looked at the scenery outside the window, her face

filled with happiness

“John, North City is developing so quickly. When I visited your house with my grandfather when was
young, I never found North City so luxurious. The city’s development over these few years has
probably surpassed that of Rocktown.” Jessica was full of praise for the city.

“Hmm.” John hummed.

North City has indeed developed at a breakneck pace over the years and had become the country’s
most important economic city. From a purely commercial and economic standpoint, North City
surpassed both the capital city and Rocktown, another key city of the country. The capital city and
Rocktown were more political in nature, with many government officials of high and powerful status
congregating in both cities.

Jessica turned back and saw the cold look on John’s face.

Whenever the cameras were not focused on them, he would maintain his distance from her, and he did
so even more obviously than when they were abroad.

She really regretted not coming back with John back then.

The Stuarts had businesses in North City as well. She would very well have returned directly to North
City and continued being together with John.

That way, it would never have given her the chance to intervene.

She had thought that John had no other woman by his side aside from herself. Although she had never
expressed her romantic affections toward him, she always thought that John would either stay a
bachelor his whole life or end up marrying no one else but her.

She never took the initiative over the years because she had been pampered as the center of
everyone’s attention since young. She had her pride and she would never allow herself to throw her
dignity to the wind and pursue others. She would rather wait her entire life than cheapen. herself that

But now, John had another woman in his life.

Now that she was faced with a threat, she had completely changed.

She knew very well that if she did not take the initiative now, John would become another woman’s
man. She can accept John being a bachelor for life, but never that John would fall in love with another

So she flew back home and made her grandfather bring forward their engagement plans.

In fact, since they were young, the elders of the family had joked about the two of them getting married
when they grew up. Although both families had never publicly announced their betrothal, it was tacitly
agreed upon. As long as her grandfather raised the issue, the Levines had no reason to reject him,
given how close both families were and the commercial value that their marriage would generate.

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