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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 235

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Chapter 235

Of course, she would never let John know about these.

The only thing she would let John know was that she was absolutely clueless about the sudden official
announcement of their engagement.

She was also forced to accept it, and she would even be willing to cooperate with John to break the

Being in a relationship was similar to business negotiations. Blindly charging forward was never the
way to go-she had to strategize and make plans.

“John, I added Cordy on her socials just now.”

John turned to look at her.

It was as if she had to mention Cordy’s name for John to pay attention to her.

“Should I explain to her about things between us?” Jessica said, well-intentioned.

“There’s no need to.” John rejected.

“She seems to have misunderstood us greatly.”

“All the more you need to avoid it.” John was straightforward.

Jessica pursed her lips.

His words did not land so comfortably in her heart.

She did not expect John to become so distant from her in just half a year!

What exactly was so good about Cordy?!

When she saw her for the first time at Levine Ventures’ anniversary celebration, she admitted that
Cordy looked even better in person than on screen.

She even managed to notice Cordy without much effort in searching.

That was also when she realized how lovingly John looked at Cordy.

Today, she had the chance to see Cordy up close.

Cordy did not look as grandly made up as she did that day. In fact, she was not even wearing any
foundation. Her face was clean and bare, yet still so ethereally beautiful.

But Jessica did not think that John would be so superficial.

Otherwise, he could not have possibly stayed single for so many years when he had hoards of good-
looking women throwing themselves at him, although she loathed admitting that Cordy surpassed them

Jessica composed herself and smiled apologetically. “All right. I didn’t think it through.”

Silence ensued between the both of them as the conversation died down.

The Ferris wheel carriage landed.

Cordy had already left hand in hand with Richard.

Under the lights, their retreating figures made for a heartwarming and joyful picture.

By the time Cordy brought Richard back home, it was already 9.30 PM.

They ordered takeout on the way home and immediately had dinner the moment they reached home.
They rested for a while after their meal before Cordy showered Richard and tucked him in bed for the

After an entire day of excitement, Richard fell right asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

Cordy was very tired as well, but somehow, she could not fall asleep.

She just kept staring at Richard lying down next to her. The fair skin on his face was tinged with red
and his little lips poured adorably.

Tears suddenly welled up in her eyes.

She looked away and was suddenly alerted to the buzzing of her phone, which she had switched to
silent mode.

She hesitated for a few seconds before picking up her phone and heading to the balcony to answer the

“Cordy Sachs, you finally dared to pick up my call!” her grandmother’s voice boomed from the other
end. Plum sounded agitated.

“What do you want?” Cordy said plainly.

“What’s going on between you and John?! Did you know that he’s marrying Jessica Stuart now?”

“What are you trying to get at?” She would not be foolish enough to think that Plum was showing
concern for her.

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