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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 238

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Chapter 238

[Sure, I’ll send you my address.] Cordy did so and sent Jessica her location.

[Thank you. I’ll be there in half an hour.]

Cordy put down her phone and looked at Richard, who was immersed in a TV show on space
exploration. She could not bear to leave him.

However, she had ample time and did not need to be anxious right now.

She walked over and said, “Dicky, your godmother wants to send you back.”

Richard was originally in high spirits watching the TV show, but his face fell immediately upon hearing
that he had to leave.

“She’s leaving North City tomorrow, so accompany her for one night. After she leaves, I’ll bring you
over here every weekend from now on if I can.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded obediently.

As much as he was unwilling, he would not make things difficult for Cordy.

His obedience in turn made her heart ache even more.

Jessica reached in less than half an hour, and Cordy walked Richard to the entrance of the district.

“Dicky,” Jessica said enthusiastically upon seeing Richard.

She folded him in a huge embrace.

Richard bit his lip hard but did not resist.

“Thank you,” Jessica said after giving Richard a passionate hug.

“Don’t mention it.”

“I’ll bring Dicky back, then.”


Jessica held Richard by the hand and left. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks and turned back to say,
“John and I aren’t what you think we are. Don’t take it to heart.”

Cordy smiled and said nothing further in response.

Jessica knew better than anyone else whether it was true or not.

She just simply wanted to look like a good person, and Cordy would never fall for it, though she had no
obligation to give them her blessings either.

Upon seeing no response from Cordy, Jessica did not say anything more and brought Richard into the
luxury car.

Jessica’s smile faded the moment she entered the car.

Cordy was a scheming and deep woman, and Jessica always failed to understand Cordy each

time she met Cordy: She could not even tell what mood Cordy was in.

How simple could a woman capable of seducing John be?!

Jessica sneered.

Over the years, she had never encountered a worthy opponent. She wanted to see just how impressive
Cordy was!

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