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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 237

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Chapter 237

Back at the Sachs’ residence, Plum was hopping with anger.

“Grandma, don’t be so angry,” Noel said, comforting Plum. “She’s probably not feeling too good after
John’s engagement news, that’s why she lost control and said those harsh words to you.

“She had it coming!” Plum yelled. “She didn’t know her place and seduced John, having a pipe dream
of getting married into a wealthy family!”

“Cordy did think a little too highly of herself. How could we ever be worthy of a family like the Levines?”
Noel said with a helpless look on her face, “But we live and learn. Let’s hope that Cordy has learned
her lesson this time.”

Despite what she said on the outside, Noel was not in fact happy with how things turned out.

She thought that she would be capable of seducing whoever Cordy managed to get her hands on and
was fantasizing about finding the golden opportunity to snatch John away from Cordy. It turned out that
John was already engaged, and it was someone with such an intimidating background that she did not
dare to even think of provoking.

But on the bright side, she could not get it and neither could Cordy, and that thought made her feel


“It’s Cordy’s own business what she wants to do. She was no longer my daughter the moment she
turned eighteen!” Simon said ruthlessly. “What I’m worried about now is the Jessops.”

“What about them?” Plum asked hurriedly. “Will Kyle dare to look down upon our Noel?”

She was worried that all the attention that Cordy was suddenly getting would make Kyle regret it.

“Not that.” Simon shook his head. “Dandy called me today to ask me for a capital injection. He said that
Jessop Corp is about to launch a high-end brand and is short on funds. He offered me dividends once
they breakeven.”

“Is there a problem?” Plum asked.

“Of course, there is. Jessop Corp’s shares have been on the decline and Starstream Group is currently
dominating the market. According to insider information, many sponsors whom Kyle pulled back are
now secretly withdrawing this investment. The so-called high-end brand that Jessop Corp is launching
is nothing but a ruse just so they can make up for their lack of funds. I’d be a fool if I were to invest any
of my money in them right now!” Simon became more agitated the more he spoke. “But because of that
layer of relationship our family has with theirs, I can’t possibly just reject them outright.”

“Do we need to invest in them if we no longer share that relationship with them?” Noel asked.

Simon looked at his own daughter.

“I’d never forgive myself for burdening the family,” Noel said with a look of guilt on her face, “I’m willing
to do anything for the good of our family.”

“See? Cordy is a heartless beast compared to Noel.” Plum did not forget about scolding Cordy while
praising Noel.

“But if you were to break up with Kyle at this point, it would look bad on us,” Simon said with worry.

“What if he broke up with me instead?” Noel counter-questioned.

“Break up with you? How could Kyle possibly want to break up with you at a time like this? Putting
aside the state of your relationship with him, his family is in a crisis right now. They would lose their last

sponsor if he were to break up with you.” Simon did not think that Kyle would be that foolish.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I know what to do, and I won’t implicate the family one bit,” Noel said confidently.

Simon’s mood lifted tremendously at the sight of how confident Noel looked. He said gladly,” Noel,
you’re such an awesome daughter. Don’t you worry. Even if I’m not able to give you Starstream Group,
you’ll definitely have a part of Sachs Enterprise. If you’re able to settle this problem we have with
Jessop Corp, join us at Sachs Enterprise and I’ll give you its shares.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Noel was elated as a ruthless thought flashed past her mind.

They could not blame her for being heartless. Kyle deserved it for being such a useless and incapable

Sonny was seated at the side minding his own business when he heard Simon promising Noel Sachs
Enterprise shares. His face darkened with displeasure.

Sachs Enterprise was his; no one else had the right to claim it. He was already upset with Cordy for
taking away 10% of the shares, and now Noel wanted a piece of the pie too?!

Dream on!

Richard stayed with Cordy for two days and Cordy received Jessica’s message on Sunday afternoon.
[Ms. Sachs, I am headed for the capital city with my grandfather tomorrow and will return to Rocktown
directly after we’re done with our business there. The next time we’ll be back at North City will be in half
a month. Could you please bring Dicky back tonight if possible?]

Cordy looked indifferently at Jessica’s text.

There were some words that Jessica had deliberately made clear in her message to emphasize her
status, such as her returning half a month later, that she wanted Richard to be brought back and not

She replied: [Do you want me to send him to your place, or would you rather pick him up from mine?]

Jessica offered courteously: [I’ll go over to your place. I’d hate to waste your time when I have nothing
much to do in North City anyway.]

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