Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 226

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When they arrived outside the door of Alan's study, Jay stopped in his tracks and said, 'My dad's
waiting for you inside."

"Aren't you going in with me?"

"He only wants to see you."


Mandy was getting really nervous.

"Just speak your mind," Jay assured her.

"It's not like he will gobble you up."

Mandy took a deep breath.

Although it was her first time visiting Levine Manor, she knew that there were house rules that she
could not object to.She had no choice but to bite the bullet and knock on the door.

When she walked into the study, she saw Alan seated before his study table, sipping on tea.

The door closed behind Mandy.She looked cautiously at Alan and greeted reverentially, "Mr.Levine."

"Sit," Alan said as he glanced at Mandy.

Mandy immediately obeyed.

Perhaps because she was too nervous, her foot accidentally kicked the redwood chair no.velebook
while she was taking a seat, and the legs of the chair scratched against the floor, making an ear-

piercing screech.

"I-I'm sorry..."

Mandy hurriedly apologized.

She looked panic-stricken and at a loss.

Alan took note of every expression that crossed Mandy's face.

The last person who sat there talking to him was Cordy.

Upon comparison, both women were worlds apart.

As the most successful businessman in North City, Alan was naturally adept at keeping his emotions in

He said, "Ms.Jessop, you visited our family today and, I believe, saw for yourself our family situation."

"I did," Mandy immediately replied, clearly trying her best to leave a good impression.

"In that case, Ms. Jessop, you should have some self-awareness and know that the Levine family is
clearly out of your league." Alan was blunt and straightforward with his words, not bothering at all to
preserve Mandy's dignity.

Mandy's face fell in an instant.She could not believe her ears.She had thought that coming here to see
Jay's parents was implicitly an acknowledgement of her as his partner.She never expected to be told to
give up!

"The Jessop Corp of the past might have the right to talk about a marriage alliance with us Levines, but
ever since Cordy Sachs left, I don't see any future in Jessop Corp.

What's more, countless scandals that have broken out recently have caused Jessop Corp's shares to
decline sharply in value.

Coupled with your own fair share of scandals, my household will never be able to accept you.

To compensate you for your loss, I can fulfill one request of yours.

"Alan cut to the chase and went straight to the point.He did not want to waste time on this.

"Jay and I truly love..."

"Not so,"

Alan immediately cut Mandy off.

"It has been one-sided on your part all along.It's just that Jay is softhearted and couldn't bear to reject
you because of how you've helped him.I, as his father, will just have to be the bad guy."

Mandy was rendered speechless by what Alan said.

Firstly, his domineering aura was so overpowering that she could not go against it at all.

Secondly, it was true that Jay's affections for her were not deep.

"Ms.Jessop, you have three options.One is to leave Jay.Break up on good terms and you two might
remain as friends.Secondly is to take what I'm willing to give you and leave Jay.Of course, I won't tell
Jay what happened and won't influence his impression of you.Third is for me to seek out your father
and have him intercept you and Jay's relationship."

Mandy bit her lip.

It was the first time someone forced her so tightly into a corner, and it was a terrible feeling.

"It's getting late.Ms.Jessop, you'd better make a decision quickly, "

Alan urged, his patience running thin with her.

"I want to be a female lead in a top movie,"

Mandy said through gritted teeth and red-rimmed eyes.


Alan said in agreement.

He did not exactly despise Mandy for choosing to gain something out of this; as a businessman
himself, he had long gotten used to quid pro quo terms.

It was just that Mandy had her sights set too low.

Earlier, he had made himself clear about Jessop Corp's impending crisis, yet she ended up concerned
only about her own career.

Such a narrow-minded woman had no right to enter the Levine family.

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