Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 230

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Cordy was getting really bored.She gave Winston a call.

"Hi Winston, Cordy here."

"How do you do, Ms.Sachs? I have your number saved in my phone. How can I help you?"

Winston was very courteous.

"It's the weekend.Is Dicky at home?"

"He is."

"Can I bring him over to my place and stay the night?" Cordy asked.

Zoe was away over the weekend to attend an event in another city.

"Ms.Sachs, please hang on while I ask," Winston said respectfully.

"Are you asking John? He wouldn't be able to pick up your call,"

Cordy said straightforwardly.

"No.Young Master previously instructed that if you want to take Little Young Master, you can do so
anytime.I'm just asking Little Young Master for his opinion.He's playing with his toys and doesn't like
being interrupted when he's focused on something."

"Sure.Thank you, then," Cordy said politely.She selectively ignored some things that Winston said.

After a while, Winston came back to the phone.

"Little Young Master looks forward to you coming to pick him up, Ms.Sachs."

"I'll be there in around half an hour."


After Cordy hung up, she drove to Chateau Emporio where Richard stayed.

The elevator reached directly to the door of his apartment, and her eyes widened in surprise.

Through the open door, she saw a familiar figure standing right in the middle of the living room.She did
not expect to bump into Jessica here.

Jessica heard the elevator ding and saw Cordy when she turned around.

Their gazes met in mid-air.

There did not seem to be any animosity between them, but neither took the initiative to say anything.

Cordy had no idea whether John was there too.She was in the hallway and only a corner of the living
room was visible to her.


Richard was clearly excited to see Cordy.He ran out from the living room right into Cordy's arms.

Cordy crouched down low to catch Richard in her embrace, giving him a tight hug.

Emotions were growing in her, which she tried her best to hide.

"Mommy, why haven't you come to see me for so long? Daddy disappeared a couple days back and
no.velebook I can't even reach him on his phone.Did Daddy hide you somewhere so that I can't see

you? Daddy is so petty for not being willing to share Mommy," Richard said with a pout.

Children really say the darndest things.She wondered what Jessica felt when she heard what Richard

Cordy focused all her attention on Richard and did not manage to see the look in Jessica's eyes.

She comforted Richard, saying, "I won't let this happen again from now on, okay?"

'From now on, we will be going our separate ways"


Jessica's voice sounded in her ear.It was a gentle and courteous tone.

Cordy let go of Richard and stood up, then looked straight into Jessica's eyes.

The two women were of similar height, with Jessica slightly taller by acouple of inches.

"I didn't expect to see you here."

Jessica took the initiative to stretch her hand out.

"I am Jessica Stuart."

"Hello, Ms.Stuart."

Cordy stuck her hand out too.

There was no need at all to be surprised that Jessica knew her.It was, however, difficult to imagine how
peaceful things were when the 'rivals in love' met.

The two of them shook hands and Jessica went on, "It's the weekend.

John and I wanted to bring Dicky to Levine Manor, but we just heard Winston say that you want to bring
Dicky to your place."

"I want to be with Mommy." Richard made a swift decision.


Jessica crouched down till she was level with Richard.She said in a friendly manner, "You can go
anywhere you like.Ever since you were little, when have I ever failed to give you what you wanted?"

She caressed Richard's head lovingly.

"But Daddy..."

Richard whined.

At that moment, Cordy saw John walk out of the living room and into the hallway.

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