Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 246

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Chapter 246

“After that, the fire broke out and you were trapped in it. I saw Kyle saving Noel

and leaving you behind,” John said with pursed lips. “I rushed in and got you


Cordy was surprised at that revelation. She had always assumed a fireman had

saved her, as she vaguely remembered her savior was dressed in a fireman’s


“I grabbed a helmet from a fireman near me. I was afraid I’d choke on the smoke

and die before I could get to you,” John explained as if he could read her mind.

Enter title…

Cordy looked down. She suddenly remembered the first time she had seen John

in the hospital, and how his wrists were heavily bandaged.

“You’ve explained a lot…” Cordy turned to look at John, her eyes reverting back

to their usual coldness. ‘Why did you treat me so kindly? We were just strangers

who met by chance, and I’ve done many things to hurt you. Why would you like


Cordy couldn’t believe him.

It was hard for her to trust anyone.

She laughed softly and continued, “Don’t say something like it was love at first

sight. You’ve seen so many beautiful and outstanding women, Mr.

Levine. How could you have fallen in love with me at first sight… Or rather, first

night, I guess. Why would you be so hell-bent on me?”

“That night was fantastic,” John replied bluntly.

Cordy bit her lip.

“And yes, that was my first time,” John added.

“I didn’t think you would be such a conservative person,” Cordy shot back.

“It just so happened that I am,” John replied, looking straight at her.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

“Maybe it was years ago-” John started, but Cordy cut him off.

“I don’t want to hear any more of your so-called explanations. What you said may

or may not be true. To me, the day your grandfather announced your

engagement was the end between us. It’s pointless to say anything else.”

“Is it really useless?” John’s eyes seemed to have reddened.


Listening to his explanations would only prologue this farce, instead of settling it

all at once.

Anyway, it wouldn’t change the final outcome between them.

“Maybe it feels like I’m being selfish, but logic and rationale tell me that you and

Jessica grew up together. It’s natural for both of you to get engaged and

eventually marry. I only happened to be the woman who forced you to sleep with

me, then abandoned your son and left, and now you’re only getting your revenge

on me for being irresponsible,” Cordy told him bluntly.

“I said I’d break off my engagement with Jessica,” John said, a hint of tremble in

his voice. “It’ll only take six months. Is it so hard?”

He was probably starting to get angry. After all, Cordy was being extremely


But after going through what she had experienced, it was hard for her to trust

anyone with her heart.

She would rather miss the chance than trust him.

“It’s not, but I’m not obligated to wait for you. Maybe you’re right. I’m not someone

who accepts things lying down, and I can go against powerful forces with my own

power whenever they try to push me down. However, the feelings between us

aren’t deep enough that I’d be willing to be

fearless for your sake. Also, you’ve done nothing to prove that I can trust you


Cordy shook off John’s hand and took out her phone. Casually flipping through

the news articles, she saw that they were all about the affectionate displays

between John and Jessica.

“Look at this! All of it is enough to make my trust in you disappear!”

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