Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 248

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Chapter 248

Cordy hadn’t pressed any of the buttons on the elevator either, so it was still

stuck on the underground car park floor.

Zoe, who was standing there, was shocked when the doors opened.

Coming back in the early hours of the morning was scary enough, and the

sudden loud noise from the elevator was almost enough to send her running

back from where she came from.

She stared at the couple in the elevator, petrified.

It was only when the elevator let out a beep that Zoe returned to her senses. She

hurriedly retreated and said, “C-Carry on! I didn’t see anything!”

Enter title…

And then the doors slid close.

That was scary as hell!

John and Cordy were actually inside the elevator, and…

After calming down, Zoe suddenly realized that Cordy had been crying. John

wouldn’t have… forced himself on her, right?!

With that thought in mind, she hurriedly pressed the elevator button again,

watching anxiously as the numbers came down.

Inside the elevator, John roughly shoved Cordy back into her clothes. Cordy was

hurt by the barbaric treatment, but she endured it in silence.

When the elevator arrived on the floor, John pulled Cordy to her unit door and

punched in the security code hurriedly. Once the door opened, he pushed her in.

Cordy stood in her house, staring at John as he remained at the entrance without

indicating he was coming in.

So… His eagerness to bring her in was not to sleep with her…?

Cordy had just been thinking she would need to change her security code after


“Cordy/ John called out in a tight voice. “Dont let go. I really, really want to have a

future with you. Very badly.”

After he finished speaking, John closed the door.

Just before the door closed completely, Cordy thought she saw a tear slide down

his face.

Or perhaps it had just been a trick of the light, because her vision was completely

blurred from her own tears.

She had always been thankful that the feelings in their relationship had yet to

reach a deep level, and that it wasn’t enough to shatter her heart if they ended it.

She was so sure she could walk away from the relationship in one piece.

So why… Why did this moment hurt so much?

Why was it so painful to see John’s bloodshot eyes before the door closed?

Zoe rushed into the elevator, watching anxiously as it climbed upwards. When it

opened, she ran out to save Cordy when she abruptly stopped and tensed up.

John was leaning against the doorway.


His head was hung low, and it was impossible to see his face clearly.

Was that a tear?

Zoe must have seen it wrongly.

It was impossible for John to cry!

He hadn’t shed a tear when his parents died, but she was sure he had.

Otherwise, his eyes wouldn’t have been so swollen on the day of their burial.

Zoe had once thought John couldn’t shed tears unless it was in a life-and- death

situation, but was he actually crying because of Cordy?

When she thought about it again, she was able to understand. John and Cordy

must’ve fought hard because of their conflicting views. The engagement between

John and Jessica had been publicized in pomp and splendor; it was impossible

for Cordy to be completely unaffected, regardless of how rational and indifferent

she was.

If Zoe guessed right, Cordy must have mentioned breaking off their relationship.

John must be heartbroken.

Although the two had only been dating briefly, she knew John truly loved Cordy.

Why else would a stubborn bachelor like him fall into the river of love so easily?

After getting together with Cordy, John became such an amiable person.

Zoe had a soft spot for her cousin, and her heart melted when she saw him

suffering. She also forgot her intention of questioning him on why he had forced

himself on Cordy.

With a concerned look on her face, she approached him and asked cautiously,

“John, do you want to get a drink with me and vent a little?”

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