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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 251

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Chapter 251

“Do you still want to drink?” Zoe asked, looking at the bottles all over the floor.

She knew John could hold his alcohol well, but she didn’t agree at how desperate

he was drinking right now.

Besides, her head hurt a lot.

She wasn’t sure if it was because she hadn’t rested well, but she knew if she kept

going, she was going to get drunk soon.

“I’m waiting…” John replied.

“For who?*

Enter title…

“The driver.”

It took Zoe a moment to remember that they had both been drinking, and that

they had driven here in Cordy’s car.

Seriously. Even when he was pissed drunk, John remained somewhat sober. Zoe

wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not.

The good thing was that rational people generally didn’t make mistakes.

The bad thing was that it was tough for people like this to vent and relax.

Without being able to do anything else, Zoe sat by John’s side as he continued to


And drink.

And drink.

Suddenly, John said, “Do you still like Jay?”

Zoe spat out a mouthful of wine at the unexpected question.

Seeing the disgust on John’s face, Zoe hurriedly grabbed some tissues to wipe

up the wine she had spat out all over the table. Then, she wiped her mouth and

exclaimed, “W-What are you talking about?”

She wouldn’t admit it. Not even if someone tried to beat her to death!

John stared at Zoe, and it made her fidget at how his eyes bored into her. John

had such piercing eyes, so how could he not know her thoughts?

She was like a little white bunny standing before a big bad wolf.

“…I don’t like him anymore,” Zoe denied.

But it also implied that she used to like him.

“I’d advise you to give up on that thought,” John said with a serious expression.

Seriously? Was he really her cousin? Why did he treat her so differently

compared to her when he lost his love?

Zoe drank with him, helped him with his fears, and even advised him on how to

go after his girlfriend.

Yet, how did he treat her when it was her turn?

He didn’t care what she felt and told her to give up in her face!

It looked like she was the one on the losing end.

Well. That was somewhat true, anyway.

But couldn’t John just…comfort her or something?

It was eight years of unrequited love! If Zoe hadn’t been in a good state of mind,

how would she have endured it?

“It’s impossible between you and Jay,” John said, unknowingly stabbing a knife

through Zoe’s heart again.

“Yeah, sure. I got it,” Zoe said a little emotionally. “Just like how it’s possible

between you and Cordy. Anyway, I don’t deserve love!’

John pursed his lips after seeing the redness around Zoe’s eyes. He knew Zoe

had loved Jay for many years, but he hardly ever saw her cry because of how

cheerful she always acted. He even thought that she was flippant with her

feelings, and hadn’t let go of this love because she hadn’t met anyone better.

He suddenly felt like he didn’t know Zoe as well as he thought he did.

“You’ll find someone better in the future,” John said, his voice noticeably softer.

“We’ll leave it up to fate,” Zoe said calmly, blinking away the redness of her eyes.

Perhaps because they had been drinking, her emotions were a little delicate. She

couldn’t stop the emotions from crashing down on her when Jay was mentioned.

After that, John didn’t continue speaking about it. His gaze went past her and to

something behind her. Zoe figured the driver had arrived, and she got up to help

her cousin. Perhaps she had gotten up too quickly, but her head spun and she

almost fell straight down to the ground when a strong arm shot out to steady her.

“Tha-” Zoe looked up to see Jay’s face.

Didn’t John say he was waiting for the driver?

Why was Jay here instead?

Zoe wiggled her arm, and Jay released her before saying softly, ’Be careful.

Zoe couldn’t help but clench her fist tightly.

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