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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 254

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Chapter 254

Zoe wasn’t with Cordy in person, but she could practically feel how packed and

busy Cordy was.

Zoe let out a long sigh.

Perhaps work was able to make Cordy forget about the upsetting things that

were going on. She had been this way since back then. She hardly ever stopped

to breathe since the start of her career.

Cordy put away her phone and headed to the conference room. The meeting

today was to discuss the bidding, and the afternoon was to be spent looking at

the creation of a new brand.

Enter title…

For a business to continue to grow, it must be continuously innovative.

When the meeting ended, it was time to get off work. However, Cordy stayed in

the office and continued to process the many internal requests she had in hand.

As she continued her work silently, her phone started ringing.

She glanced at it, then pressed the button to reject the call. After a while, her

phone rang again. This time, it was an unfamiliar number calling.

She hesitated for a moment before answering, “Hello?”

“Hello, Miss Sachs? This is the South Park police. We need you to clarify some

things regarding the assault incident between Bryson Zimmer and Kyle Jessop

last night, so please come by the station.”

“Alright,” Cordy replied. “Right now?”

“It’s best if you could come by immediately.”

‘TH be right there,” Cordy said before hanging up. Then, she picked up her work

and walked out of her office.

When Vince saw Cordy leaving the office, he was surprised as she usually didn’t

leave work early.

“Miss Sachs.”

“I left my computer on. There are a lot of internal requests still outstanding, and I

need you to help me deal with them. Call me or message me if there’s any you’re

unsure about.”

“Understood,” Vince replied hurriedly.

Cordy took a cab to the police station. She wasn’t a very good driver and hadn’t

slept much last night, so she decided that taking a cab to work was the better

option as she was afraid to drive while tired.

When she arrived at the police station, Kyle was also there.

She hadn’t answered Kyle’s call as she hadn’t wanted to deal with him. She had

been so busy that she almost forgot about what happened with Bryson last night.

“Miss Sachs, Mr. Jessop. Please come with me to the office. There are some

things we need you both to clarify.”

“Alright,” Cordy replied with ease, having no problem cooperating.

She was definitely going to sue Bryson. There was no room for negotiation on

this matter. That was why she ignored Plum’s calls from the time Bryson had

been detained.

An eye for an eye. Cordy had always been this way.

She spent more than an hour at the police station, and when she and Kyle left,

Kyle said, “I’ll send you back. I drove today.”

“No need,” Cordy replied.

“Getting a cab at this hour won’t be easy.”

“I’m not in a hurry.”

“Why don’t we have dinner together?” Kyle suggested.

Before Cordy could reply, Kyle continued, “I didn’t mean anything else by that.

After Jessop Corp got into trouble this time, I realized you had done a lot for me

back then. I regret what I did to you, and I know it’s too late to say anything like

that now. I only hope you’ll give me one chance to apologize sincerely. After this,

I won’t ever bother you again.”

“There’s no need forthat,’ Cordy refused again. There was not the slightest

hesitation in her tone.

Kyle ground his teeth together. He hadn’t expected Cordy to treat him so coldly.

He even began to doubt if this woman’s feelings for him in the past were genuine.

He had already humbled himself to this point, yet she was still so heartless and


“Kyle, if you really feel any regret and guilt toward me, you wouldn’t be pestering

me right now. To suddenly treat me so kindly can only mean you have some

ulterior motives.”

Kyle flushed in anger as Cordy exposed him ruthlessly.

“I know exactly what’s running through your mind right now, and I won’t give you

any chance to take advantage of me,” Cordy said before turning around to walk


Kyle’s eyes were filled with anger, and he trembled with the effort he exerted to

suppress the rage.

Just as he thought he was about to explode in rage, Cordy suddenly collapsed

before his eyes.

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