Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 256

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Chapter 256

At Levine Ventures’ General Manager office, John had hung up the call with Zoe

and immediately dialed another number. “Jay, could you ask Mandy if Kyle is at


“What’s wrong?”

“Once you know, just text me. I only want to know the answer to that question,’

John said urgently before hanging up the phone.

Then, he dialed another number. “Search through all the cameras in the city

quickly and find out where Cordy went after she left work. Also, arrange for a

Enter title…

search through the city for any information about her. Send word to me

immediately if there’s anything. Don’t do anything without my authorization. H

“Understood/ the person on the other end said respectfully.

Just as John was about to hang up, he suddenly thought of something, and his

eyes narrowed. “Wait. Find out who last called Cordy on her phone.”


After that call, John saw Jay’s message.

[Kyle isn’t at home.]

John’s eyes turned hard, and he clenched his fist; his knuckles turned white from

the force.

Kyle had better not have done anything! Otherwise, he just signed his death


John hadn’t bought over Jessop Corp because he was being considerate of Jay.

After all, Mandy was dating him, so John had to show him some respect.

Yet, this time…

John’s face twisted into an extremely unsightly expression.

It was a terrifying look.

Even Randy, who was by his side, didn’t dare ask what had happened after

seeing the frightening look on John’s face. Based on John’s expression, however,

he could tell that it was probably something huge.

If it was enough to have John looking like that, then it must concern Mrs. Levine.

Randy couldn’t help but let out a sigh inwardly. John was a powerful and perfect

boss, so why was he so unlucky when it came to matters regarding love?

When Cordy woke up, she felt extremely dizzy. Perhaps it was because her

blood sugar was too low, which explained why she fainted. She suddenly recalled

that she hadn’t eaten much today. She had been exhausted, and that made her

lose her appetite.

“Are you awake?” a familiar male voice rang in her ears.

Cordy turned and blinked, her vision clearing and seeing Kyle before her.

Her heart skipped a beat.

An instinctive nervousness and fear surged up in her in the face of danger,

despite how calm she looked on the surface.

She tried to move, but realized belatedly that she was tied to a bed. Her

surroundings were unfamiliar. It didn’t look like she was in a hotel or Jessop Villa.

Cordy forced herself to calm down. “Kyle, do you know you’re breaking the law?”

“Hah,’ Kyle snorted as he sat down in front of Cordy and studied her pretty face.

Looking at how indifferent she remained regardless of what happened to her, he

couldn’t help but feel a little crazy.

He had suppressed his anger for this woman in his heart for far too long.

It wasn’t only because she had coldly refused to help him save Jessop Corp, but

the fact that she could stop loving him just because she said she would… That

was something he couldn’t accept.

He wouldn’t allow Cordy to fall in love with anyone else.

“If I do this, I’ll still have a way out. I’m not that stupid to leave evidence for you to

sue me after this, Cordy. Between us, this is simply…mutual affection,” Kyle said

with a triumphant smile.

He caressed Gordy’s face lightly, causing her to feel sick to her stomach. Cordy

didn’t know why she had been so blind in the past to fall in love with this man.

She had given him everything, only for him to bite the hand that fed him without


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