Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 257

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Chapter 257

Kyle’s ugly face was right in front of Cordy, and she could only look at him coldly

as endless humiliation made her stomach churn in disgust.

Kyle was enjoying himself so much. He smiled wickedly and said, “Do you regret

how you treated me? I begged you. I even bowed and groveled for a chance to

work with you, but you showed me no mercy! Do you regret it now?”

“The only regret I have is loving you!” Cordy hissed as she met Kyle’s eyes with

her icy ones. “It makes me sick to think about that. I feel like throwing up!”

“Cordy Sachs!”

Enter title…

Kyle’s fist tightened, clearly angered by her words. With a firm grip, he grabbed

Cordy’s neck.

Pain burst from her throat, and she felt a choking sensation as Kyle tightened his


If she died in Kyle’s hands, she really wouldn’t be able to rest in peace!

However, she refused to beg for mercy and simply glared at Kyle with reddened

eyes. If she died, she would remember his ugly mug of a face! If there was an

afterlife, she would make sure he paid his debt in blood!

Kyle suddenly released Cordy. No matter how furious he felt from looking at

Cordy’s eyes filled with unyielding hate, he didn’t have the guts to kill somebody.

He wouldn’t destroy himself for her.

Cordy couldn’t stop coughing frantically after she was abruptly released. For a

moment, she thought she was really going to die, despite logic telling her that

Kyle would never be so daring.

He simply wanted to taste the thrill of revenge right now, and she wouldn’t give

him the satisfaction!

“Cordy, don’t make me kill you,” Kyle threatened.

Cordy ignored him. She didn’t want to speak another word to the man.

Kyle got up and walked away from her, then took out a pill and placed it in front of


Cordy narrowed her eyes at the innocent-looking pill, but a flicker of panic

flashed through her eyes, betraying the calm she displayed.

“Are you scared now?” Kyle asked mockingly.

“What do you plan to do?”

“Do? Well… Happy things, of course,” Kyle laughed, his tone tinged with dark

lust. “Cordy, we dated for three years, but I never touched a single hair on your

head. And yet, you so easily jumped into John’s bed! Don’t you think you deserve

some payback for trampling over my respect for you?”

Cordy was enraged by his words. “You didn’t touch me because Noel kept you

extremely satisfied! Did you even think about me when you acted like a cheating


“If you hadn’t pushed me away, could Noel seduce me? Our breakup was all your

fault! You’re the one who wouldn’t let me in, and you were so horribly stubborn

about it. You’re the one who gradually pushed me toward Noel! Hah! But I guess

I should thank you, since your coldness allowed me to meet a woman who loved

me a thousand times more than you,” Kyle finished in a loud and agitated


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