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A Life Debt Repaid By Cheng Xiaocheng Chapter 260

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Chapter 260

Gradually, Cord/s face started to feel hotter, and sweat broke out on her


The drug was kicking in.

Kyle kept his eyes on Cordy and watched as her body reacted with satisfaction.

“It’s really kicking in fast, huh?” Kyle said. “You have such a sensitive body.”

Cordy’s vision began to blur no matter how hard she tried to resist the feeling.

Her struggles were to no avail.

Enter title…

Such a depressing thought could wear out a person’s mind, and she couldn’t help

but recall back to when she was eighteen years old. At that time, she repeatedly

begged to be let go but was refused again and again, which drove her crazy.

However, there was no need to recall what she felt back then.

After all, she was going to experience it once again.

“Let me go…” Cordy said, clearly using up all the strength she could muster as

she tried to catch her breath. “I promise I’ll work with Jessop Corp.”

“Do you think I’d believe you?”

“I always keep my word.”

“But I don’t think I care about that right now. Compared to that contract, I’m more

interested in your body. Cordy, you might not be aware of how… attractive you

really are, you know? No man could resist you, unless they aren’t one!” Kyle’s

voice had dropped lower and turned raspy as he spoke.

Kyle had always thought that Cordy was a rigid woman, so he didn’t have any

interest in her once he had experienced Noel’s enchanting ways in bed.

However, he never expected Cordy to have such a charming and seductive look

that would turn him on.

Not to mention, she really did have a beautiful body.

Such a pity.

Why hadn’t he slept with her all those years ago? He had let John get ahead of


Kyle couldn’t hold back any longer and frantically pawed at Cordy while trying to

get her out of her clothes. Once he unbuttoned her clothes, Cordy suddenly

jerked off the bed and quickly ran in the direction of the door.

Just as she was about to open it, it slammed shut with a loud noise.

Kyle had forcefully shut it from behind her.

He hadn’t expected Cordy to be able to maintain her consciousness and run

away even under such circumstances. She should be feeling so overwhelmed

with lust now, and would go after any man before her.

Cordy pressed her legs close tightly, not wanting to give in.

She didn’t want to be tainted again.


She had no power to resist.

With how strong Kyle’s brute strength was, there was no way she could get away.

Plus, no one would come to her rescue in this enclosed space.

She felt herself being roughly dragged across the floor; Kyle’s hands and body

pressed against her.

She couldn’t move the slightest.

Cordy closed her eyes in despair, and tears slid down the corners of her eyes.

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