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Chapter 261

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Perhaps some people were destined for misfortune.

When Cordy was young, she lost her mother, and her father remarried.

The stepdaughter he gained from the new marriage was always working against her, and everyone in
the house also helped with said stepdaughter’s schemes.

When Cordy grew up, she had excellent grades and outstanding capabilities.

But the stepdaughter framed her, making Cordy give birth out of wedlock which caused a lot of trouble
and led her into gaining a notorious reputation in the city.

Due to that, Cordy was dropped out of a prestigious university and kicked out of her home by her

She was forced to wander the streets of a foreign country and struggled to survive with the skin of her

Cordy once thought she had met a man who truly loved her, and she gave him everything she had;
only for him to cheat on her behind her back with her stepsister.

Later, she thought she had finally found true love and mustered up the courage to give life another

Only to find that everything was just a scam once more.

Despite everything that had happened, she still tried her best to live on.

It hadn't been an easy journey to be born in this cruel world, so she wanted to live well.

She didn't want to disappoint her late mother's wish, who had told her, "Even if I leave, you'll have to
carry my love for you and live.Be happy."

Every time she felt overwhelmed by life, Cordy would always remember her late mother's words.She
would then grit her teeth and pull through whatever situation she was in.

Cordy's tears slid down her eyes continuously, without stopping.She would get through this too.

It was just another experience, the same tragedy back when she had been eighteen.

This was just...another time that fate would trample on her.

Perhaps it had happened so many times, so she was numb to it.

Bang! The door suddenly burst open.

Kyle, who had been eagerly exploring Cordy's body, was startled.

Before he could react, someone pulled him off Cordy and shoved him to the ground before kicking him

The blow was so harsh that Kyle almost couldn't breathe from the pain, but countless blows landed on
him before he could do anything else.He couldn't even beg for mercy with how ruthless the blows
rained down on him.He was going to die! He could feel his blood seeping out of the wounds and
drenching him in the red liquid, and his vision blurred after a few moments.He couldn't even tell if it was
tears or blood, but he felt like an inch away from death.

"Mr.Levine," Randy called out, pulling John back a little.

"Stop beating him.He'll die at this rate."

John's face was filled with rage, and it looked as if he wouldn't calm down until someone was dead by
his hands.

"He's not worth staining your hands with blood," Randy said insistently as he tried to move his frenzied
boss with all his might.

He understood the man's anger.He really did.

John had mobilized all the forces he had in his hand to find Cordy.

After discovering that the last call to Cordy's phone had been from the police, he immediately retrieved
the surveillance videos in that area. He found that Cordy had passed out shortly after
exiting the station and that Kyle had whisked her away right after.

Following the surveillance videos on Kyle's journey, they finally found this villa in the suburbs.

Without hesitation, John sped to the villa as fast as possible.

As Randy sat in the vehicle's passenger seat, he was already drafting his will in his mind.

After going through the thrilling danger of the roads and arriving at the villa, John brutally kicked down
the door and rushed into the bedroom, only to find Kyle on top of Cordy...

Randy had never seen his boss in such a terrible state.His eyes had an indescribable fury that was
impossible to suppress at that moment.

Randy truly, genuinely felt that someone would really die.

Sure enough, John went crazy and started beating Kyle until the latter couldn't move and lay in the
puddle of his own blood on the ground.

If John continued, Kyle really would die.

Despite understanding John's anger, their country was still a society with rules and laws.

If John killed someone, he would pay with his own life.

Randy couldn't allow his boss to accompany that sad excuse of a man down the gallows.

Kyle wasn't worth it.

Besides, Kyle was now in their hands.

Randy was sure he would have a miserable life after this.

There was no need to rush.

However, John refused to listen to Randy's advice and shoved him away roughly.

The former was unable to hold back his rage, and would only calm down once he murdered Kyle.

Randy was shocked.

John had always been a sensible man who had never lost control, not in such a frightening manner.

"Mr.Levine, Mrs.Levine seems like she won't hold out any longer! "

Randy tried, the idea coming to him almost instantly.He needed the right solution to the right problem.

At this moment, only Cordy could bring John back to his senses; only she could be his salvation.

As expected, John's frenzied revenge on Kyle was put on hold instantly at the mention of Cordy.

He turned around to look at her.

Cordy was nestled inside the blanket, her face flushed red and looking extremely uncomfortable as her
body writhed wildly.She looked exactly how she did when she was eighteen.

The anger swirling through John's veins increased.

He knew all too well the damage he had left in Cordy back then.

This woman, who he had treated so carefully that he hadn't even touched her finger till now, had been
tortured to this extent by Kyle!

"Take that man to the police station,"John instructed, snarling.

"Collect all the evidence and bring up charges against him for attempted rape and intentional assault."

If Kyle wasn't sentenced to death, he should at least serve a long prison time.

"Rest assured, Mr.Levine, I'll handle this properly.Please take Mrs.Levine away.I know what to do."

Randy had served John for many years, and John didn't need to question the man's capabilities to
carry out tasks.He strode on long legs to the bedside and bent to take Cordy into his arms.

Cordy was in a mess.

Several of her buttons were torn, and her shirt hung in tatters on her body.

If John had been a little later...

John forced back his inner rage, but could do nothing about the fierce expression.

However, his actions were extremely gentle and careful when he got close to Cordy.

Taking off the jacket he was wearing, he wrapped it around her tightly before picking her up and leaving
quickly.He placed her in the car's back seat before getting into the driver's seat and driving.

As he drove, he called his personal doctor and said, Drugged and fed aphrodisiac.Is there any other
way to get rid of it?"

"Mr.Levine, the best solution is to satisfy her," the man said bluntly.

"This kind of drug goes straight to the nerves, and any drug or medicine with such effects has to be
handled carefully.If we're careless, it could cause an unwanted long-term side effect, and also-"

John suddenly let out a muffled grunt because Cordy suddenly leaned over in the back seat.Heat
crashed through her in waves, and she felt extremely restless as she squirmed.

"Mr.Levine?" the man on the other end of the line called out cautiously.

John swallowed harshly and took a deep breath before replying, "Continue.I'm listening."

"Alright," the doctor said.

"If you really want to use medicine to counter the effects, we'll need to do a comprehensive
examination of her body to find a suitable counter for her.We'll need to do that so it won't affect her
internal organs, but this process would take several hours.Basically, the drug would have run its course
by then, so we wouldn't recommend going to the hospital after doing that.The fastest and most effective
way without giving rise to any side effects is to simply satisfy her."

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