Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 263

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Of course not! Those only happened to people who were chosen and lucky.How could the same
happen to Cordy? Her luck had always been dreadfully abysmal.She moved slightly, but the man
beside her stayed asleep.

He was in a deep sleep, the same as he had been back then.

Cordy finally couldn't resist and lifted the covers to see who the man buried under the covers was.

The last time it happened, she had been young; fleeing had been the only thought on her mind.

Now, there was almost nothing that could happen that she couldn't accept.

She had a dim recollection of what happened last night.

Kyle had taken her to the villa where he cheated on her with Noel.

He forced her to swallow an aphrodisiac pill, and her body reacted to the drug.

In her despair, she recalled hearing a loud bang before the pressure above her disappeared.

Amid her hazy state, she heard the brutal sounds of someone getting beaten up.
However, her body had felt too hot and uncomfortable for her to get up and see what had
happened.Immediately after, someone picked her up; everything else was a blur.She even wondered if
it had all just been a bad dream.

If she wasn't in her own bed, she would’ve brushed the entire episode as a nightmare and felt relief.

After all, she never expected anyone to rescue her at that moment.

Cordy got a good look at the man under the pillow.

It was John.

Indescribable emotions washed through her, and she didn't know what they were.

She felt as if someone had trampled all over her.

It didn't feel like this situation was any better.

In fact, she felt like it was like jumping from one fire to another.

She moved to get out of the bed, and just as her feet touched the ground, a hand shot out to pull her

Cordy pursed her lips.

The man had clearly been soundly asleep just a moment ago! The last time she left, he hadn't woken


John's voice was hoarse as he blinked sleepily.It looked like he was still in a sleepy daze, but was
forcing himself to wake up.

"You've woken up..."

John struggled to sit up on the bed.He looked powerless and mentally exhausted.

"Let go of me," Cordy snapped coldly.

John's fingers twitched slightly.He thought about the last time they had been in this situation, where he
had overslept and let Cordy slip between his fingers.

If he had woken up and taken responsibility, they wouldn't have missed so many chances to be
together as had happened.

However, the entire blame didn't fall on his shoulders.

That night, after Cordy fell asleep and was finally satisfied, he dragged his tired body up and carried
her to the bathroom, where he washed her carefully.

From the start to the end, Cordy didn’t stir at all.

After cleaning her up, John took a bath and returned to bed.

For some reason, he couldn't fall asleep.

Was it because it was the first time he had a taste of being intimate with a woman? He wasn't sure. Although his body was covered in scratches and bite marks, the satisfaction far
outweighed the physical pain he felt.

John didn't sleep for a long time as he watched the petite woman burrow under the covers.

He felt the happiness and excitement bubble in his chest; for a moment, he doubted that the past
twenty years of his life had been a waste.

Then, he fell asleep.

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