Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 265

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Only God knew what John had to go through last night.

Cordy had teased him mercilessly, but he couldn't do anything.

Never mind that he couldn't do anything, he couldn't even leave until the drug effects wore off.

The entire night, he was worried she would hurt him or violate him, so he did his best to protect himself.

If a person hadn’t experienced it for themselves, he or she couldn't imagine the experience John had
gone through.

After getting through such a tough night, he woke up in the morning just for her to accuse him and
wrong him so badly.

Even a saint would get angry from this.

Cordy was stunned by John's words.She couldn't believe him.Her entire body ached, and it felt exactly
the same as she had experienced back then.

How could she believe that he hadn't touched her? Plus, the marks on his body...It only added
evidence to the fact that they must have slept together.

"If you don't trust me, you can go to the hospital and get a checkup.You don't have any condoms in
your house, and you were in such a rush last night, so I wouldn't have any time to get any
either," John said, clearly seeing the disbelief in Cordy's eyes.

Well, he didn't blame her.

Anyone who looked at the scene before them would say they looked like they had gone through a
wretched love-making night.

John knew early on that explaining this would be challenging.

Cordy bit her lip.


Even though he had lied to her and didn’t tell her that he had been the man who slept with her when
she was eighteen, she could still tell what kind of person he was after so long of knowing him.He had
self-respect and a noble upbringing, and it was impossible for him to lie.

Even if he had hidden the truth from her, he had not denied it either.He simply had not told her the

For John to say all he had with such conviction, there was no reason for Cordy to doubt him.She simply
couldn't describe her emotions right now.

Perhaps it was because she didn't want to accept John anymore, so she closed herself off and thought
of him in the worst possible way.She hadn't really calmed down to remember what exactly had
transpired last night.

One was because she didn't want to hurt herself deeper, and two...She didn't want to see John in a
good light.She would rather keep her heart closed.

"As for why you're sore and bruised all over, it's because you didn't get any satisfaction last night and
fought back like crazy," John explained.

"My wounds were because I didn't satisfy you, and you did this in retaliation." Cordy pursed her lips.

It was difficult to listen to his words, and she didn't want to know anymore.

Even though she didn't want to think too deeply about it, she vaguely knew what she had done.

"Do you believe me now?" John asked, seeing how Cordy had turned silent.His voice was softer and
much gentler now.He couldn't stand to see her suffering or going through any difficulties.

"You should leave now that you're awake," Cordy said instead, not answering his question.

However, she also no longer sounded angry.His words finally got through to her.

John smiled exasperatedly.He had suffered so much for her sake last night, yet she didn't even offer
him a word of comfort.This ungrateful woman was seriously emotionless.

Of course, John wasn't about to give Cordy a hard time over this.

Not to mention, Cordy's words weren’t without merit.

As an engaged man, he wasn’t in a position to demand anything from her.He lifted the covers, and
Cordy's eyes widened before she quickly turned away. It was then John remembered that
he was stark naked.It wasn't like he had slept naked to take advantage of Cordy.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have ensured she was appropriately dressed before they fell asleep.

His clothes weren’t only wet, but also in complete tatters.

There was no way he'd be able to wear them again.

He had tried looking through Cordy's clothes to see if he could wear any; forget about her underwear,
he couldn't even fit any of her shorts.

Even her shirts were too tight on him, despite not buttoning any of them, and they practically strangled
him when he tried.

Finally, he simply wrapped a towel around his waist and lay on Cordy's bed.

Obviously, the towel got loose during the night, and he wasn't aware when it fell off.

John hurriedly explained, "Didn't you rip my clothes apart?"

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