Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 266

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Chapter 266

Cordy wasn't angry at John's words.

Looking at the disaster on John's body, she could also tell how out of control she had been last
night.Her face felt like it was on fire, and even her ears were hot.

"Wait a bit.I'll head out and buy some clothes for you," Cordy said as she got up from the bed.

"Consider it payback for last night." John felt like he had gone through life and death last night.

Yet, this woman was telling him she'd just buy a set of clothes as compensation? Well, that was fine.He
was content that Cordy didn't hate him.He was even getting some clothes out of it; that meant he had
hit the jackpot.

Cordy went to another room to change, but Zoe tumbled in as soon as she opened the door.

The former was startled, and John hastily wrapped the covers tighter around his body to avoid
exposing anything.


Cordy exclaimed while holding onto Zoe, who was about to fall flat on her face.Zoe had a hard time
steadying herself.She tried to explain, "I-I wasn't eavesdropping! I was just gonna knock
on the door to call you guys up.It's already four in the evening, you know? You guys did some extreme
workout last night, huh? Aren't you guys hungry?"

Cordy blushed at Zoe's comment.Her world had felt like it was about to crumple when she had woken
up, and she hadn't cared about hunger at all.

"You're finally awake, yeah? Then come on out and eat.I ordered some herbal soup.I promise, it’ll help
rejuvenate you both!" Zoe said with an energetic grin.

Cordy pursed her lips.

"I'm heading out for a bit."

"Huh? Why?"

"I need to buy some clothes for John."

Zoe's eyes went as wide as saucers; she looked as if she was asking Cordy just what in the world
Cordy had done to John last night.

Well, Cordy had done something alright.


Not what Zoe was thinking.

Cordy didn't want to explain, either.How could she ask others to believe something that she herself
found it hard to believe? Thus, Cordy said nothing and simply walked out of the room.

Zoe watched Cordy's retreating back.

Somehow, it felt like Cordy was giving off a somewhat...enchanting aura today.

Women who were satisfied through the night usually looked like peerless beauties the next day, right?
Zoe quickly rushed into the room and walked up to her cousin with a leer on her face.

"John...You made up with her, didn't you?"

She looked even more excited than the ones who had supposedly been intimate last night.

"No," John said, wrapping the covers around himself tighter.


Zoe parroted in disbelief.

"No way! Didn't you satisfy her last night?!"

Zoe couldn't help but look John from head to toe with contempt in her eyes, despite the fact he was
bundled up in the covers.

"What kind of nonsense is going through your head, Zoe?!" John chided, annoyed.

"You and Cordy were alone the entire night, and she was drugged.What was I supposed to think?" Zoe
exclaimed, obviously speechless at her cousin's antics.

John didn't explain much and said impatiently, "It's really not what you think."

Zoe bit back the words on the tip of her tongue.

John had no patience for anyone who wasn't Cordy.

If she wasn't his cousin, she would’ve fallen out with him a long time ago.

"So, how was it? Was it passionate and-"

Zoe started to fantasize.

"Zoe York! What are you thinking? You're too young for this!"

"Who's too young for what?! I'm less than six months younger than Cordy! You can make your move on
Cordy, but I can't fantasize about it?"

Zoe shot back, clearly upset.

After that, she said deliberately, "If I wanted to, I'd have a kid who's old enough to be doing chores by

"Don't you dare! I'll break your legs!"

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