Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 271

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West Point Detention Center.

Cordy went through the standard paperwork to visit Kyle Jessop.She didn’t have the slightest bit of
sympathy for him, but she was convinced he should understand a great many things by now.

Especially the fact that while Cordy would never hurt others, she wouldn't allow herself to be taken
advantage of.

If she was harmed, then she would take an eye for an eye.

It was just after 24 hours in custody, but Kyle looked far more haggard than Cordy expected.He had
always been attentive towards his personal appearance.

In fact, the reason she was drawn to him in the first place while they were abroad was because he
would always wear clean, white collared shirts or t-shirts.

Together with his innocent, youthful smile, he would always project the image of a fresh and easygoing

Yet now, all that remains of that charming youth was gloom and filth.

But with all sentiment she once held towards him gone up in smoke, Cordy would remain apathetic no
matter how pitiful he had become.

"What are you doing here?!"

Kyle snarled, the anger in his voice barely repressed.

The last twenty-four hours have been terrible.His vanity now carried a hint of stubbornness, as if he
refused to look so humiliating before Cordy, let alone be mocked.

"To see how pathetic you are," Cordy said bluntly —she was not about to be soft just because he
ended up in such a sorry state.

"Shut up!" he bellowed furiously, springing out of his chair immediately; as if someone had lit his fuse.

"I've had enough of you! Meeting you was my misfortune!"

"sit down!"

The warden behind him barked, brandishing his baton before Cordy could speak any further.

Fear flashed across Kyle's face the instant he saw the baton; it went without saying that he had gone
through much in the last twenty- four hours.

John definitely wouldn't allow Kyle’s stay to be comfortable.

Once the warden snapped at him, Kyle promptly turned silent and compliant.

Having subdued him with just an order, the warden turned towards Cordy, asking with her eyes if she
would like to continue.He was certainly being nice, and Cordy could tell that John had something to do
with this; just as he had always predicted everything she would do.

She nodded at the warden, who respectfully retreated to a corner.

Then, she turned back towards Kyle.

Though he was sitting quietly again, the spite in his bloodshot eyes was aflame.

When coupled with the cuts and bruises over his face and body, it was a gruesome sight.

"You still don't get it, do you?" Cordy asked coolly.

"The one who really did this to you?" Kyle glared viciously at her, but dared not flare up again.

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