Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 272

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Cordy whipped out her phone, tapped on the news headlines, and showed it to Kyle.You were framed
by Noel from the very start.Since you’ve been here since yesterday, you probably wouldn't know what's
in the news.Here, enjoy!"

Kyle had an idea of what she wanted to show him; he couldn’t be bothered to even glance at it and
instead growled through his teeth, "Are you done mocking me?"

"It's not mocking..." Cordy paused.

"Actually, I guess it counts."

While Kyle was seething, Cordy tapped on the photos on the article to show him.

"That said, I'd prefer it if you can recognize the truth.Why don't you look at those photos?"

Finally, Kyle couldn’t resist the temptation and looked at them.

When he did, his eyes turned bloodshot in disbelief.

"I'm sure you're not stupid enough to think John or myself published these photos, are you?"

Cordy continued.

"This happened even before John came."

"What are you trying to say?!" Kyle growled through clenched teeth.

"You still don't get it, do you? Noel planned everything," Cordy replied.

"It was by her design that you were discredited and lost everything.She did all this just so she could
break up with you and let you suffer the contempt of the masses."

"How would she get those photos if she weren't there?!"

Kyle retorted nonetheless, still adamant on defending himself and Noel.

"Why don't you use your head and think about it?" Cordy said, and patiently pointed out the logic
behind everything.

"The place you brought me was where you and Noel used to have your little trysts; a place only she
would know, and no one else.Don't you think it's possible that after Noel found out what you're going to
do, she prepared a hidden camera ahead of time to capture everything?"

"No! That's impossible!" Kyle cried in denial.

He couldn’t believe that the Noel who loved him so deeply would actually deceive him —to set him up
like this! After all, Noel was so hopelessly in love with him! In fact, she cared for him so much that she
couldn’t bear to let him get hurt at all! I Cordy watched coolly as Kyle reacted to the information.

It was clear that deep down, he understood the truth.He was I simply refusing to admit that he had
acted so stupidly all for Noel’s sake; that she had played him like a fiddle.

"That's not even the first time Noel did that.Who do you think planned it so that I slept with a stranger,
and caused a scandal because I got pregnant?"

The events had transpired a long time ago, but Cordy still had to withhold her rage even as she
recalled it now.Her life had turned upside down, all because Noel was rotten and self-centered.

Kyle stared quietly at Cordy in turn, but stayed silent because he knew the answer.However, Cordy
wasn’t that kind—she wanted to tell him everything anyway, just so that she knew how much of a

moron he was to fall for Noel's seduction.

"It's Noel.Ever since we were kids, she could never accept it whenever I have something that's better
than hers."

"Because I made it into a famous university while she only managed to get into a second-rate college,
she lured me to a bar, drugged me, and arranged for someone to sleep with me.She never expected
that her plan would suffer a setback, since I didn't leave with the man she arranged.It’s also why she
didn't get to record the incriminating video she wanted."

Kyle barely could stop himself from shaking, his self-control slipping the more he listened.

Even so, Cordy went on.

"However, I got pregnant, and she used that as leverage to incite an expose so that everyone would
hate me, just like they hate you now.The Sachs in turn dumped me abroad.

With that, she didn’t have to compete with anyone for the family's wealth.

What she didn’t expect was for me to meet you and return to the country with you.

To everyone else, we were the perfect couple.

That flared her jealousy again, so she did everything she could to steal everything I had."

"That's enough, Cordy.I don't want to hear it anymore..."

Kyle's eyes were red, and his voice was shaking.

Even so, his tragic state was all his own making; and so Cordy continued, unmoved.

"When our wedding was called off, you two got together as if it was perfectly natural.But Noel wasn’t
satisfied, because I started a relationship with John Levine at that time.You probably didn't know she
was trying to seduce him while you were still dating her, did you?"

Kyle's whole body was trembling, and he was crumbling inside.

"But this time, she hit a snag,"

Cordy went on coolly.

"John refused to let her near him, and she didn't even have the chance to bat her eyelashes at him.She
only realized she was completely out of her league when Jessica Stuart showed up, and she finally
gave up on John.Or maybe she’s already satisfied since she believes I won't get John, either."

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