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Chapter 275

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"Noel Sachs!!!"

Kyle was shaking with hate as he roared in fury.He deeply regretted spurning Cordy just to be with a
woman as heinous as Noe!! Never had he regretted anything so much before in his life! Had he stayed
with Cordy, he wouldn’t have met such a tragic end.

Instead, they might even be married with children by now...

Even as Kyle's eyes turned redder and redder, Noel remained unaffected.She spat icily, "Well, I'm more
than done with a mad dog like you.Keep barking from your cage, Kyle! You're going to be here for a
long time—John Levine would make sure of that!"

She turned to leave without the slightest hesitation, completely unconcerned of how hysterical Kyle had

All she felt from seeing him was disgust...though to be more precise, she had felt that way ever since
Cordy stopped liking him.Finally, Noel had rid herself of that revolting pest.

Be that as it may, she changed her expression the instant she stepped outside the detention center.

She forced herself to shed tears, looking utterly heartbroken.

The moment she stepped out, every waiting journalist rushed towards her.

"Miss Sachs! Are you still visiting Kyle Jessop after what he’s done? Is he really a man worthy of your

"How is Mr.Jessop doing inside, Miss Sachs? Is he repentant?"

"Miss Sachs, what’s your opinion on his betrayal and attempted assault on Miss Cordy Sachs?"

As they bombarded her with questions, Noel appeared to be at a complete loss.It was only after a long
while until she finally calmed down and replied tearfully, "I-I really never imagined that would
happen...Kyle and my sister...I'd never have known if I didn't read the news..."

Her tears were rolling gently down her cheeks as she spoke, making her look all the more pitiful.

The journalist quickly comforted her; she kept pretending she was working hard to calm herself while
apologizing profusely, "I'm sorry.What Kyle did to my sister was really too much for me...I'm so sorry.I
can't hold myself together."

The journalists comforted her again, and she continued, "I wouldn't have hated Kyle if he did it to
someone other than my sister...Even if he didn't love me anymore, I could’ve forgiven him for cheating
if it wasn't my sister.I can't force him to stay with me if he doesn't feel anything for me.And yet...He did
something so terrible to my dearest sister! I won't forgive that for the rest of my life!"

"That's the right attitude, Miss Sachs," one of the journalists praised.

"He really doesn't deserve forgiveness!"

Naturally, they were too eager to please.

"How’s Mr.Jessop doing behind bars? Does he regret his actions? Has he promised to make amends?"
Another journalist asked eagerly.

"I don't think he's doing well...He looks haggard, and he must regret his actions.As for making

Noel deliberately paused and trailed off, so that people would make of that what they would.

'He was hoping I would plead his case and help him win a reduced sentence.I refused, because it's a
crime.He should be punished as the laws dictate.I respect the law."

"He's not making amends and has the gall to demand a reduced sentence? Outrageous!"

The journalists were all indignant, but Noel stayed silent.

A while later, and finally said, "I’m sorry everyone had to come.Please excuse me—I haven't slept for a
day, and I'm already feeling dizzy.I'd rather not scare everyone if I suddenly faint..."

She looked like a candle in the wind, and the journalists stopped pestering her since they already have
what they wanted.

But as Noel returned to her car and left, she didn’t notice a black sedan parked in the distance.

A woman with black shades had wound down the window and was watching Noel keenly from afar.

After Noel left, the unknown woman slowly wound up the window and drove away.

As for Noel, her expression changed the instant she returned to her car.She took out the mascara in
her handbag, intending to redo her makeup when her chauffeur suddenly jammed his foot on the

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