Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 278

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Cordy was shocked to discover the news regarding Kyle’s suicide.

‘The worst for him" she thought, ‘was just ten or twenty years in jail"

She never expected him to actually end his own life.

When she thought about it again, him staying alive would only be more tragic.

There was no way he could accept being deceived so thoroughly by a woman he once loved, and that
his own family had fallen to ruin by his own design.

His pride wouldn’t be able to handle such disgrace, either.

Death might be only the release for him.

Even so, Cordy didn’t feel much about his death.

She had no guilt, especially since she wasn’t the one who caused his death.

She had zero sympathy, too—Kyle was no angel.

If anything, the only emotion she felt was her respect for the sanctity of life.

Nonetheless, the condemnation towards Kyle dwindled following his suicide, since most people
observed the rule to not speak ill of the dead.

Hence, all the flaming and scorn for him ended after little over two weeks.

Cordy was done with the day and was about to leave work when she received a call from John.

She hesitated, wondering if she should answer.

Then again, he really hadn’t bothered her for almost two weeks.

The only exception was when Kyle's suicide made the news, and he texted her: [Are you alright?] She
didn’t reply, and he didn’t bug her any further.

As such, today's call was quite sudden.

Still, Cordy answered it.


A polite, but distant greeting.

"Dicky's in detention," John said without beating around the bush.

Cordy frowned—she always would get nervous at the mention of Dicky.

In fact, she would bring Dicky to her apartment every weekend.

John never stopped her, and it was one thing she always was grateful towards him for.

"What?!" she exclaimed, shocked.

"They're saying he was so bad, he wasn't picking up on anything," John explained.

"I've been to the school myself, but the teacher there told me that he was slowing the class' progress."

"But he's just a first-year!" Cordy was obviously upset.

"Aren't they pushing him too much? And he’s attending an elite private school! Don't they focus on a
more comprehensive development? What's the hurry?"

"They still have to prioritize academic progress and push their students further to ensure that there
would be more enrolling.Plus, it's not entirely their problem —Dicky has trouble keeping up.The other
kids have already learned the grade school's syllabus before they attended grade school, but I went
with your mindset and didn't ask that much from Dicky.I arranged his education according to his

"Well, what do we do now? Hire a private tutor to give Dicky remedial lessons?" Cordy asked.

"They all gave up."

"What! "Dicky's teacher called me about this several times.I had three different private tutors who gave
him remedial lessons...They were all on the verge of tears, saying that they couldn’t teach him.They're
basically saying he's too stupid."

"They're stupid! They're all stupid!" Cordy was incensed.She was unable to accept a single word
putting down Dicky.John seemed to chuckle for a moment, but then replied feebly, "Either way, private
tutors won't work.I wanted to do it myself, but I've been abroad more than I'm around here.I'm not that
familiar with the syllabus here."

"I'll teach him!"

Cordy snapped right away.Her SAT score was 1600.People would be laughing if she actually failed to
teach Dicky!

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