Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 280

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Cordy needed peace and quiet.She was convinced she loved Dicky to the point he could do no wrong
in her eyes.

Now, however, she realized belatedly that she had overestimated herself.

Once Cordy left Dicky's room, the first thing she did was take deep breaths—as hard as she could.It
took a while for her to finally calm down.

After that, she found herself really thirsty.Her throat was dry after a night of teaching
pronunciations.She looked up to find John sitting at the living room bar, a laptop in front of him.

He was wearing a pair of silver-framed glasses—it was the first time she saw him wearing those, and
he certainly looked like a cultured douchebag.He was still typing, but his eyes were on her, so he must
have seen what she was doing.

Cordy didn’t expect to find him in the living room as well.

Didn’t he do work in the study?!

"So? Are things going well?" John asked.

She could somehow sense his glee.

How could he remain so nonchalant when his own son was called out by his teachers?!

"No," she admitted nonetheless.

"Do you need help?" John asked again.

"Did you ever manage to teach him anything?"


Why did she even bother? Staring at him sideways, she asked, "Where can I get a drink?"

"I'll get some for you." Cordy refused.

"No, I can get it myself—"

Before she could finish, John had already gone to the kitchen and poured her a glass of warm
water.She would rather have cold water to cool herself off.

"Warm water is better during your period," John explained, seemingly reading her mind.

Cordy pursed her lips—he really knew everything.

"I noticed," he explained.

He really could read minds, couldn’t he? Cordy, however, ignored him and drank her water before
returning the glass to him.


"Need a break?" John asked.

"No," Cordy said bluntly.

"It's no hurry, actually," he said then.


"No hurry?!" she snapped in agitation.

"He's the only student in the entire class who can't even read! He'd be mocked by all his classmates!
Do you know how that would feel for him? He’d be traumatized for life!" John said nothing to that.

Rule number one: the missus is always right. And there is no rule number two.

"Don't think everyone's like you just because you live in your ivory tower."

With those words, she returned inside Dicky's room.

John watched from behind as she stormed off in a huff, his lips curling up into a smile.He rarely saw
her getting so agitated, so he actually cherished the moment.

Returning to his bar stool, he checked Dicky's IQ test results sent to him on his laptop.He actually
worried for a moment that Dicky really was lacking in the cognitive department, despite not usually
showing it.

However, the IQ test results put his mind at ease.


The boy was a prodigy.

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