Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 284

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When Jessica heard the door open and turned to see Cordy, her expression betrayed neither anger nor

In fact, she actually appeared calm.

"Oh! You're here too, Miss Sachs? What a coincidence."

Cordy was actually left at a loss by Jessica's unexpectedly cordial greeting.

Given her family's connections, Jessica probably knew all about Cordy's relationship with John.

In fact, Cordy was positive Jessica also knew that Dicky was Cordy’s son.

Cordy had no idea if Jessica truly liked John and therefore didn’t mind her presence, or if she was
confident that no woman could steal John from her...

Or perhaps, her composure was a front for John's sake.

Whatever the reason maybe, Cordy's presence was inappropriate given John and Jessica's

And unlike Jessica, Cordy wasn’t that carefree enough to play it off.

"Dicky's pronunciation is bad, so I'm giving him remedial lessons, " she explained flatly.

"John told me he’s hiring a private tutor for Dicky for that. So, it's you?"

Jessica exclaimed in surprise.

There was no hostility in her voice at all.

"No, they all broke and gave up on Dicky.I had no choice but to do it myself."

"Oh, Dicky broke them? My boy is really understanding," Jessica praised, appearing cheerful about it.

One wouldn’t peg Jessica for the calculative type, and the harmless persona she projected was
completely different from the fake innocence Noel had always feigned.

Jessica appeared confident, cheerful and down to earth; whereas Noel always appeared very
vulnerable and reluctantly selfless.

Jessica would seem more personable to women, though the opinion of men might differ.

"Thank you, Miss Sachs.It must be difficult for you to come every night to teach Dicky," Jessica said.

However, her gratitude was simply her flaunting to Cordy that she had the upper hand; Cordy certainly
could tell that much.However, she didn’t argue as she had no right to do so.

"It's nothing," Cordy replied flatly, before turning to John.

"Dicky has no issues with his pronunciation now, so I'm leaving." With those words, she strode straight
to the door.

As she put on her shoes, John walked up to her and said, "I'll go with you."

"No.It's still early," she refused right away.

She didn’t want to be an eyesore to Jessica...

Although it seemed Jessica was already after her head.

"Tell Dicky that I'm leaving now. The instant she put on her shoes, she stepped out the front door.But
John was still following her, and she had to stop him before he entered the elevator with her.As John
stared at him, she demanded, "Are you really still going to escort me? If so, under what pretext? And
are you really accompanying another woman when your own fiancee is in your apartment? Have you
considered her feelings? There's a limit to how low you can sink, John!"

"Jessica and I—"

"Whatever it is, it's your business and not mine,"

Cordy snapped, cutting him short.

"I don't need to know, just as I'm not interested in finding out.Dicky's pronunciation is fine now, so I
don't have to come here anymore."

John stayed silent, and Cordy said nothing more.She entered the elevator, and promptly pressed the
door button to close it.She knew she shouldn’t feel too emotional around him; after all, the past was the

Outside the elevator, Jessica stood silently behind John.She could feel his mood souring even if she
couldn’t see his face.She had never witnessed him feeling so strongly about any woman over the
years, and she had remained the only woman who could hover around him.

Yet, everything about him changed because of Cordy Sachs.She wouldn’t bear with the humiliation, nor
could she accept John being stolen by anyone.Still, she quietly composed herself before saying
apologetically, "Did I come at a bad time, John?"

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