Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 283

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Cordy was left stunned for several seconds.

After that, she collected herself and snapped angrily, "You could’ve said that earlier!"

She honestly scared herself, since it almost seemed to be the inevitable conclusion.Did he enjoy
teasing her that much?

"You never gave me a chance to speak," John said bluntly.

Cordy was livid—he had literally made a speech, rambling on and on about his academic
achievements! For once, she didn’t get upset with him and left after finishing the rum baba.

As usual, John drove his Maybach and followed her all the way back to her apartment.

Another two days passed; Cordy was in Dicky's room, once again teaching the boy pronunciation by
separating the syllables.She seemed to hear something outside, but the wall was soundproofed so well
that she thought she was simply hearing things.


Cordy continued to teach Dicky patiently, having become much calmer after finding out about Dicky's
IQ score.She had done some reading, and found out that prodigies tend to be more single-minded on

In short, while they could score 120 out of a test with a full score of 100 points, they could also get a big
fat zero in certain areas.

Unfortunately, there was no chance of them improving on the latter.

Dicky's greatest weakness was perhaps language.

"Lee-id, lid," Dicky repeated after her, and suddenly pronounced another word,"'Ree-id.Rid."

Cordy flinched, wondering if she was hearing things again.She quickly asked, "What was that? Could
you repeat that for me, Dicky?"

"Rid," Dicky replied right away.

She pressed urgently, "What about this one?"


"This one?"


"and this?"


Cordy was thrilled—she picked the simpler words, and he got everything correct! It was no fluke.He
had really learned it! She promptly held his little face and planted a large kiss on his little cheek.She felt
even more accomplished than signing a billion -dollar contract!

"Mommy, did I say it right?"

Dicky perked up as well when he saw how delighted Cordy was.

"Yes! My baby boy is the best!' Cordy praised him generously.

"I'll talk to your daddy.Keep practicing for now."

"Okay! "

Cordy opened the door, feeling jubilant.It was as if a large bag of gold had dropped on her from the
skies; she had the urge to share her joy with everyone.

However, she froze at the very next instant; the sensation was akin to having a bucket of ice water
splashed in her face.

Two people stood in the living room; she stared fixedly at them, stunned.

John was sitting on his usual bar stool while he worked, while Jessica was leaning on the bar and
having a lively chat with him.

When Cordy stepped out, she saw Jessica picking up the coffee next to John's hand and taking a quick
sip from it.

Cordy knew very well that the cup was John's, since she saw him use it every night.

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