Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 289

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Cordy’s slap left everyone on the scene dumbstruck.

Everyone was surprised at how vicious she could be.

All Eva could feel was the burning pain on her cheek.She could not quite react, even as Cordy snapped
icily, "A child's discipline is their parents’ responsibility.Since you insist on not disciplining your son, I’ll
have to discipline you instead!"

"Cordy Sachs!"

Eva shrieked shrilly, unable to believe that Cordy had just slapped her in front of so many people.

If word gets out, she would have no dignity left! Nonetheless, Cordy took Dicky with her and started to
leave, refusing to waste her breath with them.

Just as she turned, Adam intercepted her, looking utterly savage.He had no intention of fighting Cordy
with that pretty face of hers.

However, since he was Eva's husband, a slap to her face was no different from a slap to his face—he
would never live it Dicky sensed danger, and promptly moved his little frame to
stand before Cordy, protecting her.

Cordy's heart softened right then, and she felt emotional from Dicky's gesture.He was willing to defend
her, even with that tiny body of his! She tightened her hold on Dicky.

There was no way she would let him get hurt protecting her! "Don't think I won't hit a woman!"

Adam bellowed threateningly, his flabby cheeks flapping as he spoke.

"Get down on your knees and apologize to my wife, or you're not going anywhere!"


Eva cried.

"I must pay her back for her slap!"

"You heard the woman," Adam growled.

"Do it, or you and your son will be very sorry!"

Cordy watched coolly as Adam and Eva accosted her, and Jerry, their son, who was grinning
smugly.She whipped out her phone, intending to call John since there was no reason to take this lying

The best idea right now was for John to sort out the mess.

The instant she took out her phone, Adam strode up and snatched it out of her hands.

While Cordy glared icily at her, he snorted, "What, trying to call the cops? Don't you know that I'm
buddies with the commissioner? We go out drinking every weekend! It's pointless!"

"In that case, what are you worried about?" Cordy challenged.

"He's always busy.I won't trouble a brother with something as trifling as this."

"Whatever.Return my phone now," Cordy snapped frostily.

"Down on your knees and apologize, and let my wife slap you.Then you can have your phone back,"
the man said with vile smugness.

"What if I refuse?"

Cordy growled.

"Do you think you can do anything you like just because you're pretty?!" Adam shrieked.

"Do you think every man will fall for your wiles? I'm sorry, but you're not my type at all! There's no
telling how many other men had been down there—it's filthy!"

"Don't you talk to my mommy like that!"

Dicky suddenly shouted, his little cheeks contorted with rage.

"You little b¥st*rd! Do you even know who your father is? The adults are talking!" Adam scoffed.

"My daddy’s John Levine!"

Dicky yelled, just as loudly.

Everyone was left taken aback for a moment, but were soon roaring with laughter since they thought it
was a ridiculous joke.

"You little brat!"

Adam raised a hand, ready to slap Dicky in the face.

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