Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 290

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Cordy promptly pulled Dicky out of harm's way, refusing to let her son get hurt.

Adam laughed coldly before snapping viciously at the boy, "Your mom's a liar! Do you really think that
John Levine, the heir to the richest family in North City, is your father? Why don't you look yourself in
the mirror or see how slutty your mom looks! You really think John Levine would tap that and have
you? Dream on!"

"John Levine is my—"

"That's enough! Don't waste your time with them," Eva said, losing patience.

"Jerry's next event is coming up."

Adam agreed, and started to threaten Cordy again.

"Last chance! Are you going to do it or not?"

"No!" Cordy refused, not budging an inch.

"So we're doing this the hard way, huh?"

The man's face contorted with horrific intent, and he raised his pudgy hand, aiming it squarely on
Cordy's face.

Cordy gritted her teeth—she had already bought as much time as she could.

There was no way she and Dicky could get out with so many people encircling them.

Even if she could wrestle against them, she might end up hurting Dicky in the process.

Hence, she simply watched as Adam's palm swung towards her.

At the very moment Adam’s palm almost reached her face, Cordy saw a large hand catch Adam's wrist
abruptly, holding his hand in place and stopping him.

Adam glowered at the hand that held him with a vice-grip and turned angrily, looking savage as he saw
the other man.

After a brief moment of surprise, however, panic immediately colored his face.

Before he could say a word, John pushed him off, sending him stumbling backwards by several paces.

However, John didn’t even look at him as he turned towards Cordy, asking softly, "Was he bullying

Cordy nodded.

"His son was bullying Dicky."

There was a cold flash in John's eyes, and he crouched to look at Dicky, whose face was covered with

"Daddy," Dicky greeted him, loudly and clearly.

And that left Adam with a creeping chill in his heart.

He certainly knew who John was; even if they never met before, he had worked with subsidiaries of
Levine Ventures on one of his construction projects.

In fact, he was relatively famous as a principal contractor in North City, having worked on various
megaprojects; he was a typical parvenu who had done better than most of his peers.

Getting rich meant he also grew conceited, and he grew to believe that any problem that can be
resolved with money was no problem at all.

Naturally, when he realized he had stepped on John's toes, his brain fried right there and then.

On the other hand, Eva didn’t recognize John immediately.

Still, she could tell that Adam looked like his soul just left him, and quickly asked, "What's gotten into
you, dear?"

Adam still couldn’t say a word, even as Dickly complained loudly and angrily, "Daddy, they were
bullying mommy and were going to hit her.

They also called me a b*st*rd and said that you'd never like mommy, and that you wouldn’t have a kid
with mommy."

"His son beat me up because I won the swimming event, and he also threatened me to let him win in
other I said no, so he put a trash can over my head and told me his father would
bankrupt us!"

John's glare turned horrific right then.

Jessica had never seen him so furious, even though she spent years hovering around him.

They had left earlier, and Jessica knew that was because John wanted to let Cordy spend time with

After waiting for a long while and seeing that neither of them were coming out, John promptly made a
dash to the dressing room; he was so quick Jessica almost couldn’t keep up.

He looked deathly worried that something would happen to Dicky and Cordy, and his concern was
there for all to see.

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