Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 288

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The boys were stunned by Cordy’s sudden appearance, but Jerry soon gathered himself and yelled,
He upset me! I'm just straightening him out! What's wrong with that?"

He was a little tyrant, and Cordy already had enough of him.

If she had never met this boy, she would’ve never known that a six- year old could be so vile.

Still, she stayed calm since violence should never be used on children.She needed to find out
everything that happened first.

Crouching, she studied Dicky's filthy face, and her heart ached.She pushed down the pain and said
gently, "Talk to Mommy.What happened?"

Dicky told her everything calmly, which only infuriated Cordy even further.Her eyes were ablaze, and
she snapped at Jerry, "The competition was fair! Don't your parents teach you that?"

"They told me that money talks!"

Jerry retorted fearlessly.He even threatened her, saying haughtily, "Don't you dare talk to me like that!
Don't you know what my family does for a living? My daddy will bankrupt you!"

Cordy snapped right then; she reached out to grab Jerry by the collar, intent on finding his parents.

Jerry seemed to think Cordy was going to hit him, and promptly cried out in fear, "Help! Help!
Someone’s beating up a kid! Help!"

His parents, Adam and Eva, promptly ran inside upon hearing his crazed yelling, and quickly shielded
him in his arms.

Then, Eva turned to Cordy and bellowed, ''What do you think you're doing?! You made my son cry!"

She was accusing Cordy without caring about what happened, but Cordy restrained her anger to
explain, "Your son bullied my son."

"My son never bullies anyone!" Eva retorted, refusing to listen.

Still, Cordy held it in, and said, "Your son beat up my son because he lost in the swimming event.Don't
you see what happened to him?"

"Jerry? Is that true?"

Eva turned to ask him.

Jerry promptly denied it.

'No!He yelled at me, so I pushed him around a little."

"See? Your son started it," Eva said, not seeing reason at all.

"Moreover, children squabble all the time.What are you getting so upset about? They'd make up in a
couple days."

With that, she started to leave with Jerry, but Cordy stood in her way.

Shooting Cordy an impatient glare, Eva snapped, "What else do you want? My son’s taking part in
another event.Don't think you can stop him from winning!"

"Not going to discipline your son, are you?"

Cordy demanded.

"Like I said, it's just a children's squabble—your son started it, so it wasn't my son's fault."

Her words were already filled with disdain, but as she looked Cordy from head to toe, her tone became
even more sarcastic.

"Wait! You're Cordy Sachs, aren't you? You've been making the news a lot lately, but I'm surprised you
have a son.So? Who's the father? Is that man the reason you've been doing so well recently? Still, now
that I’ve seen you, I have to admit you have what it takes to bewitch men."

The parents of Jerry's pudgy buddies were with them as well, and started to mock Cordy after hearing
what Eva had said.

"Like mother, like son!"

"The mother’s terrible, so it's not surprising that her son is so uncivilized."

"The boy does look handsome.I wonder if he’d work as a gigolo when he gets older, since his mom is a

The vile gossip was endless.

Suddenly, Cordy slapped Eva across the face, hard.Eva's smug look vanished immediately, leaving
only a bewildered expression.

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