Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 286

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At that moment, the school principal was giving a summary of the semester's teaching syllabus.

When Cordy arrived, the hall was already filled with other parents.She had to sit further to the back,
and listened to the speech about the school's education doctrine on helping students develop.

After that, there was an award ceremony for the students.

Cordy watched as Dicky and a large group of other children walked up to the stage.

His little head was turning left and right, seemingly looking for her.

Cordy waved at him, and he immediately looked delighted to see her.

Sitting at the front row, Jessica was grinning.

"I've never seen Dicky smile like that! He really does stand out when he’s onstage."

John didn’t respond, as he knew very well why Dicky was suddenly so excited.

After the awards ceremony, the teachers led the students to the gym in an orderly manner while the
parents filed in after them.

Although the gym was huge, Cordy stayed on the edge once more.

That was when she saw John and Jessica sitting up front.

Jessica was smiling as she chatted with John.

So, she came all the way here to attend Dicky's sports meet? What a dutiful stepmother! The sports
meet soon began.

Every event was carried out in an orderly manner, and Dicky was doing well in the high-jump and sprint

While Cordy was calm and composed, Jessica was overly enthusiastic and kept shouting wildly to
cheer on Dicky whenever he was up.

Cordy actually noticed Dicky flushing uncomfortably in response.

When some of the parents started to move to the swimming pool for the next event, Jessica spotted
Cordy, and once again appeared surprised.

"You were here too, Miss Sachs? Where have you been? I really didn't see you there!"

"I was late, so I had to sit far behind," Cordy replied.

"You should sit up front for a better view.

By the way, did you just see Dicky? He's amazing, isn’t he?"

Jessica appeared proud, as if she was talking about her own child.

Cordy simply played along until John took Jessica away.

The swimming competition soon began, and Cordy watched as Dicky walked up to the edge of the
swimming pool in his swimming trunks.

Jessica was cheering loudly again, leaving Dicky looking awkward once more.

As he turned towards Cordy, she gave him both thumbs-up in encouragement; he grinned confidently
in return.

Right there and then, a cold chill flashed across Jessica's smiling face.

She had always been kind to Dicky.

Even if she admitted to herself that her kindness was for John’s sake, she was actually sincere about
being nice to Dicky.

Yet, she returned to Zidonia only to discover that Dicky was obviously more affectionate towards Cordy.

What heinous spell did Cordy use to bewitch John and Dicky to the point they were so obsessed with
her? The whistle blew, and Dicky vaulted into the swimming pool immediately.

He launched forward in one swift stroke; he was very quick, taking first place by a mile.

Cordy was assuredly proud—he reminded her of her older days.

After the swimming event, Dicky went to the changing room.

Whether it had been on purpose or otherwise, John left with Jessica, allowing Cordy to stay and wait
for Dicky.

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