Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 292

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Now, Dicky was shaking with inconsolable rage.He had been bullied, and his beloved mother was
mocked for protecting him; she almost got hit for it, too! Hence, he took the trash can off Jerry's head,
his little cheeks looking stern as he demanded, "Apologize to my mommy and me!"

John’s lips curled up in a smile.

Dicky had always been quiet, withdrawn, and poor at expressing himself.He would never behave like a
spoiled child around him either; that honor belonged to only Cordy.Yet, he was now able to strut and
demand an apology—all children can definitely be taught! Nonetheless, Jerry kept bawling and refused
to apologize.

Adam suddenly pulled Jerry aside and slapped him.

Even as Jerry bawled harder, Adam barked at him, "Apologize, now! That certainly scared Jerry—he
had always been the little tyrant at home, and his father had never laid a finger on him.

Now, however, he had no choice but to apologize tamely, with an almost inaudible voice, "I'm sorry."

"Louder!" Dicky snapped, dead serious.

"I'm sorry," Jerry repeated, louder this time.

"Now apologize to my mommy too."

Jerry walked up to Cordy and said, "Sorry."

Cordy couldn’ help grinning—she would never mess with people, but when in trouble, she wasn’t so
weak that she would roll over.

"Are you going to bully others ever again?" Dicky asked.

"No..." Jerry replied meekly.

"You better not," Dicky growled threateningly.

"If I see you do it, I won't hold back."

As his tiny frame seemed to project a scary presence, Jerry quickly replied, "No, I won't ever do it

Having straightened out the other boy, Dicky returned to Cordy's side, who patted Dicky's little head in

John walked to Cordy's side as well, and told Adam and Eva, "I don't want to see you or your son in
this school ever again—"

"Wait," Cordy suddenly cut John off.

John turned towards her.

Although he assumed she was going to be lenient with them, he stayed quiet because he respected all
her decisions.

As Cordy turned towards Adam, however, she asked, "What was that you said? Get down on my knees
and apologize to your wife, and let her slap me?"

Adam's entire body was shaking from fear, and he promptly explained, "I'm sorry! I was just too blind to
recognize that you're with Mr.Levine, and your boy is his son...It's all my fault, it's all my fault..."

As he apologized profusely, Eva followed suit.

"Since you understand, get down on your knees and apologize to me," Cordy said, loudly and clearly.

Adam and Eva looked at her in shock, stunned that she wanted an eye for an eye—to think that they
would suffer her retribution so quickly! "Wasn't that what you said? Kneel, and apologize," Cordy
continued, her eyes fixed on Adam.

Even if Adam was just a startup, he had developed a reputation that needed to be upheld over the

Having made friends with the rich and powerful thanks to his newfound fortune, he thought himself
above the rest.

How could his pride suffer being told to get down on his knees? However, in the face of the frightening
man before him, Adam eventually gritted his teeth and went down on his knees.

Cordy watched as he did so, before turning towards Eva beside him.Her intent couldn't be clearer, and
Adam quickly pulled Eva so that she knelt too.

All their arrogance was suddenly gone, and they were thoroughly humiliated.

Adam then forced himself to speak the most undignified words he ever spoke in his life.

"I'm sorry my son bullied you.I was too stupid to recognize you, and caused you insult.Mr.Levine, Miss
Sachs, I hope you'll show magnanimity and forgive our ignorance."

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