Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 297

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Cordy had no idea how long had passed, or how much progress John made—or if he was done with
applying the ointment.She had basically lost all patience when she suddenly felt the touch of his cool
lips on her waist, away from the bruise.

She wheeled on him right then, stumbling backwards and shoving herself against the mirror, bristling as
she snapped at John, "What do you think you're doing? You said you weren't interested!"

"Can't help it."

"Did you forget you're married?"

Cordy exploded —could he be even a worse scumbag at this point? Nonetheless, John replied loudly
and clearly, "No.I'm not married yet."

"Even if you aren't, you're engaged.The wedding’s but a matter of time," she retorted.

"Or maybe you think you can mess around all you like before your wedding, even when you have a
fiancee? Are contractual agreements the only thing capable of making you restrain yourself?"

John was actually left stumped by her rant.

In the end, he was simply bewitched and failed to stop himself from kissing her.He could never resist
her body, and he had overestimated himself.

"It's late, Mr.Levine.Go home," Cordy said, unceremoniously telling him to leave.

John stepped outside the front door, but stopped and said, "You can't apply that ointment on your
own.I've spoken to Zoe, and she’ll be back early tomorrow—she’ll help you."Got it."


Bang! The door was shut in John's face; he was left staring at it for moments, his face just inches shy
of hitting it.

He actually thought about staying away, but each time he saw Cordy, he wouldn’t be able to stop
himself from yearning for her.

Six months.He promised to himself that everything would be resolved by then.

However, he could never expect what was to come in under a week.

After all, surprises always came before plans could bear fruit.

At the last round of Starstream Group's invitation to tender, the executives were voting to confirm three
partners when three prosecutors suddenly entered from the front door.

Everyone turned towards the three men, who were dressed in suit and tie and flashing their ID badges
at Cordy.

The leader stated solemnly, We're prosecutors of the North City jurisdiction.

My name is Monty Jefferson.Here is my ID."

Cordy had a bad premonition as she looked at Monty, but she remained calm.

Since the representatives there to make the tender were all people in charge of major enterprises,
everyone was left staring at Cordy as the scene erupted in an uproar.

"There has been an anonymous tip that you were bribing Henry Lane, deputy commissioner of the tax
bureau, with a sum of over a million dollars, with the intent of interfering with the tax bureau's reviews,
siphoning 7 million dollars worth of unaccounted income.We are therefore taking you into custody

under the charges of bribery and tax evasion.Please come with us and cooperate with the

As he spoke, another prosecutor produced a warrant for arrest.

Cordy blinked, dumbfounded.

Bribery and tax evasion? She had clearly been framed.

At the very moment, she was positive as to who had instigated this.

Only Jessica had the power to bribe so many people at once to do this, and that included political

In the end, she came for Cordy anyway.

"Now?" Cordy asked.

"Yes," Monty replied coolly.

"Alright," Cordy replied, staying calm as ever.

"Can I speak to my secretary for a moment on what to do in my absence?"

"Of course."

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