Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 308

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Quinn understood that Zoe thought poorly of Sam because of her, but she did not want Zoe to get
upset for her sake either.We're more or less done discussing the case, and I'm hungry," Sam said.

"Let's go eat."

"Okay." Jay agreed.

"What do you like to eat? I'll book a place," Sam asked, turning toward Zoe just then.

He usually never held a grudge, since he considered her a headstrong younger sister.

"You boys go on your own—I'm eating with Quinn alone."

Zoe refused immediately, before adding, "It's hard to eat around people you don't like."

Sam sighed.

"Can't you be a little less petty, Zoe?"

"Wasn't talking about you," Zoe replied and started pulling Quinn along.

"Come on, let's go."

Sam watched as they left, and it was only after a long while that he realized what Zoe meant.Wheeling
on Jay right then, he exclaimed, Did she actually mean...your!"

"Yeah," Jay replied.

"Well, I don't get it.You've always been nice and never been harsh to Zoe...Why would she hate you so

Sam mused in curiosity.

"Johnny's personality is even worse, and he's always so strict with her, but she loves him to bits.Is it
simply in her nature to be an ingrate? Or maybe blood really runs thicker than water?!"

But since Jay did not explain anything, Sam did not ask, presuming that Jay did not know why
either.Cordy was kept in custody for an entire night.

The environment was poor and the bed very hard, and she was suddenly reminded of Kyle who was
staying in a place like this just recently.She did not expect her to suffer the same fate so quickly.

But after plenty of soul-searching and calming down last night, she was able to consider the case
against her seriously.

That was when she realized that it was not just Jessica who did it.

She had influence over many individuals and matters outside Starstream Group, but there was barely
any chance she could gain control of the internal structure of the company.

That was, unless she had help from a mole.

After all, even though Noel already left Starstream, she had worked there for years and would know the
employees like the back of her hand.

In other words, she knew the people who could be bought and what with, and given how calculative
Noel had been, it was not an issue at all.

In other words, Jessica was working with Noel.

As the saying goes, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Still, she must admit that Jessica really understood how to win people over.

Suddenly, a warden arrived outside and barked, '"Cordy Sachs, there's someone here to visit
you.Follow me!"

Cordy pursed her lips—who would come to see her right now? Quinn? Did they already make progress
on her case? But as she quietly followed the warden outside, her knuckles clenched when she saw

Even the most rational would feel an impulsive rage when facing people out to hurt them.

Noel immediately noticed Cordy's reaction too.

To be honest, Noel had had enough of letting Cordy lord over her and wanted nothing less than to
crush Cordy to bits under her foot.

It certainly felt cathartic to see Cordy ending up so haggard, but Noel worked hard not to show it.

Naturally, Noel could not wait to see Cordy like this—that was why she was here.

"Oh, how could you make such a blunder? I mean, tax evasion?" Noel exclaimed, looking like she
meant well.

"Our father had always paid every cent in tax while he was board chairman, but even if sales increased
by leaps and bounds under your leadership, you shouldn't do anything illegal..."

Cordy laughed coolly and exposed Noel right then.

"It's your doing, no? Why bother shedding crocodile tears?"

"What are you talking about? Why would I do something like this? I'd never be capable of going this
far," Noel said.

She naturally denied it, but she also had to admit that Cordy was smart...To think that Cordy suspected
her already!

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