Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 309

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Cordy scoffed.

"Well, you don't.All you can do is be two-faced so the one with actual power has to pull your
strings."Noel's face fell.So, Cordy guessed everything.

"Word of advice, Noel—you shouldn't upset people way above your league.You'll only hurt yourself."


Noel snorted, not bothered with pretenses just then.She came to laugh at Cordy anyway, and she had
suffered Cordy's strut for far too long! "Don't get so conceited, Cordy.You're just jealous that I managed
to get someone so powerful to support me while you fall to such disgrace!"

Noel laughed with eyes filled with disdain.

"It's your own fault for not knowing your place, upsetting people you shouldn't.And here I thought how
tough you'd be and that John Levine was really hopelessly in love with you.So what? You've been here
for 24 hours, but did he come to bail you out? How much do you think you're worth in the face of
personal gain?"

Cordy stared coolly at Noel, who looked more smug and more excited the more she spoke.

"Thank goodness I'm smart—I almost made the same mistake you did with seducing John.If I really
were in a relationship with him now, I'd be the one getting hurt.In that sense, I have to thank you."

"You're not in a relationship because you don't have what it takes.It has nothing to do with you being
smart," Cordy said bluntly.

The simple retort left Noel flushing, but it was true—she did not even have a chance to get close to
John.No, he never even looked at her! "So what?"

Noel scoffed.

"Should women live for men's sake? I think nothing of them, and they're all springboards for me to rise
above.If anything, you deserved this, being stupid as you are, always suffering because of men!"

Cordy actually could not say anything to that.

Every plight she suffered was definitely because of men.But suddenly, Noel seemed to be an angel
again and said, "Cordy, we're sisters, so you can't fault me for not warning you.There's no point in
pinning your hopes on John now, and since you're so smart, you'd know the person who did this to
you.My advice is to give up on futile resistance, properly admit to your mistake, and accept that this is
your reality now.Who knows? She might be nice enough to reward you with a reduced sentence, but
otherwise...Well, you'll know what's going to happen."

Although Noel came to laugh at Cordy, her real purpose was to convince Cordy to face reality,
Naturally, Jessica told Noel to come, since she wanted to make things fast and avoid further
trouble.However, Cordy never responded, and Noel scowled in turn.

"I'm being nice right now, Cordy.You're going to suffer the consequences if you don't play nice—I mean,
who could you put your hopes on now? Did you think you could get yourself out of this? It's a dog-eat-
dog world, and the further you resist, the worse you'll—"

Suddenly, the steel door swung open, cutting off Noel.She then turned, and panicked the instant she
saw John entering the room.

What was he doing here?! Jessica insisted that he would be stuck abroad, unable to return! What was
going on right now?! Was John really fighting the Stuarts for Cordy's sake?! Noel certainly could not
accept it.

She had nothing to her name, while Cordy had everything she did not! And she had been mocking
Cordy so badly just now—but it now only amounted to a slap to Noel's own face! That was when she
saw Jessica behind John, entering the room as well.

It left Noel more than a little dumbstruck!

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