Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 312

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Zoe was seething.

"Someone was obviously trying to plant fake evidence to incriminate Cordy."

"Even if we know that, the judge won't buy it," Quinn told her.

"Also, I met Helen Zalenski, who insisted she was just following your orders to the letter, and it's the
same response to every question I had.As for your secretary Vince Cartman, he said he only approved
all the documents in question with office automation because they bore your written signature.I
checked, and all the original copies did have your signature—here, I've made photocopies.Could you
check if you did sign them?"

Quinn passed the documents to Cordy as she spoke, and Cordy glanced at the signatures.

"The signature is mine," she said.

"But I am positive that I did not sign them."

"In other words, someone faked your signature and had Helen send it to your secretary.He approved it
via online automation since you'd already signed them, stamping and sealing them into a revenue
report," Quinn concluded.

"They really covered all the bases—they might have planned this for a long while." Cordy was silent.

There was nothing to go on that could steer the case to her favor.

In fact, at this point, they had nothing to build a case for her defense.But as the room turned silent, the
doorbell rang.

Zoe quickly ran over to open the door before Cordy could speak, and she stayed silent even as John

"You're finally here," Zoe was very excited.

"Quinn was just talking about the case with us, but they're simply heinous.You should take a look right

"Yeah," John replied and walked over to Quinn and Cordy.

Quinn was going to hand him a copy of the details on Cordy's case, but Cordy promptly snatched it
away from Quinn.John's hand hung in the air as he stared at Cordy, but she said bluntly, "I'd rather not
trouble you, Mr.Levine."

The atmosphere turned awkward.

Quinn and Cordy were not that close, so Quinn naturally should not speak out.

On the other hand, Zoe quickly said, "Cordy, John's very smart.He might be able to find something—"


Cordy refused determinedly, giving no inch.

Zoe certainly understood Cordy, and she might not want to accept John's help if she were in Cordy's
shoes too.

Even so...She turned toward John then, who gave her a look.

Catching the cue, she quickly pulled Quinn along, saying, "Quinn, let's go shopping for a bit.I remember
seeing this amazing dress that would definitely suit you."

"Okay." Quinn nodded.

It was a dumb excuse, but that was not the point.They should give John and Cordy some space.

Cordy restrained herself from speaking out as she watched them leave.

But she had no idea what she should tell John, since she had already been very clear with him.

And was there a point? No.None at all.

"I know you're upset with me," John said determinedly then.

"I won't deny that you're in trouble because of me either, but I can't make it up to you right now.Even
so, the most important thing to do right now is to resolve this issue.I promise I won't let you get hurt."

"Don't you think you've done enough damage? Or maybe it only counts if I served a ten-year jail
sentence?" Cordy demanded.

John was left gulping even as she continued, ''You know very well you won't solve a thing, coming here
with pretentious goodwill to gather evidence for my defense. The most simple and direct way is to
marry Ms. Stuart and cut all ties with me!"

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