Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 313

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The room was once again silent, since Cordy's words left John dumbstruck.

They stared each other down for a while until John smiled wistfully.

''Is it that hard to work with me, Cordy?"

Cordy's chest actually stung.

John had always been despotic, but those words carried such heartbreak and helplessness.

Even so, she said, "I've already made things very clear to you after the announcement of your
engagement with Jessica Stuart.

We aren't that close that I have to suffer everything for your sake.

In fact, the Stuarts want to take me down right now because of you, and I don't have what it takes to
fight back.

Why should I suffer for whatever it is going on between you and Jessica? Do you think it's fair?!"

Cordy remained staunch as ever to the point that John actually felt like he would never have her.

All his perseverance now had been futile, even incurring her disgust and bringing her more harm.

In fact, he wondered if he should compromise himself as she suggested, stay jaded and accept
everything arranged for him like a tool, and marry a woman he did not love —just to give Cordy the
peace she wanted.

His knuckles clenched but soon eased as he said, "Can you give me a chance?"

He was pleading, quietly and humbly.

Cordy bit her lip as he promised her, "If I fail to save you from harm, I'll marry Jessica and not bother
you anymore."

It carried the last shred of hopes he had.

Cordy was going to refuse, but she suddenly stopped herself and stayed quiet.

She did not trust him at all, ever since he learned that John had hidden the fact that Richard was her
son and was relentlessly courting her.

She was skeptical that John was really interested in her, and was convinced that he wanted revenge
for dumping him back then, as well as for abandoning Richard.She thought so even now.

No matter what John would do, she would retain her rationality and refrain from taking risks.She did not
want to suffer because of men again and again.

Kyle was just gone, and now there was John.She was honestly tired.

Men were no longer any point of consideration in her life, and the only hope she had was Richard.Even
so, at that very moment...She agreed to it.


As a business person, there was no harm at all in her deal with him.She did not want to go to prison for
no reason, and this would at least ensure her own safety.

John heaved a small sigh of relief at her assured response.He had been so worried he sweated all over
his palm.

"Take a look at the details of the case," she said, handing him one of the copies.

She said nothing else, while John studied the papers solemnly.He appeared solemn and simply sat
there for along while...

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