Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 314

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John eventually asked, "Do you mind if I take a copy?"

"No," Cordy replied.

"Thank you."

Cordy pursed her lips—he was thanking her even though he was helping her with her case.

"I'm going now.I'll call you right away if there's any development s on my end," he said and left without
a delay.

"I only have two weeks," Cordy reminded him.

"I know."

With that, she watched as he left.He had looked composed and showed no nerves when he read the
file, but he left in such a hurry.

So, it was going to be difficult for him too? Zoe returned soon after John left, but she and Quinn
probably did not leave, and Zoe returned once she saw John leave.

"Quinn said that she has other stuff to do," Zoe told her.

"She said that she'll inform you immediately once she has something on the case and that you should
contact her as well if you get something. Her phone is on 24/7."

"Alright," Cordy replied.

As she continued to read through her case files again, Zoe was staring at her for a long while. She
asked without looking up, "What is it?"

"It's about John..." Zoe said tentatively.

Cordy pursed her lips.

Though she remained silent, she did not tell Zoe to stop either. Hence, Zoe mustered her courage and
said, "John definitely had no say in his engagement with Jessica.I have the feeling that he wasn't doing
well in sorting out things between him, you, and Jessica, but there was no way it would work now that
he thought about it. He never anticipated the Stuarts' intentions when he was wooing you, but if he had,
he would've dealt with them first before coming to you."

"That said, since he had started a relationship with you and the Stuarts now know about you, you were
never going to escape unscathed. Of course, it's also impossible for John to cut all ties with you right
away to be with Jessica—what's more, he doesn't love her, and he'd never marry her even if you
weren't involved."

"In contrast, your existence has become leverage for the Stuarts against John, and they must know
how important you are to him, which was why they incriminated you to force John to play to their tune.
I'm not accusing you or blaming you for anything, but I just want to say that things are very awkward for
him right now."

Zoe explained all that in case Cordy misunderstood something, and she did not want Cordy to hate

In fact, he must now be under as much pressure as Cordy.

"And I promise you, John would never allow you to come to harm even if it kills him," Zoe added

"So you shouldn't give him such a hard time.I'm really worried his heart would break.

"I'm not," Cordy said, her tone even like always.

"We already came to an agreement."

"What agreement?" Zoe asked in curiosity.

"Maybe later," Cordy said.

It was not important enough for her to hide from Zoe, but she did not want Zoe to worry about them.

Still, Zoe could not help sighing—she could still feel that Cordy was apathetic about John.

Only those in a relationship knew how they felt about the other person, and those not involved had not
much of a say.

All she could do was say what came to mind.

The rest was up to fate.That was when she remembered something else.


As Cordy looked up, she said, "Did you know that John wasn't John at first?’


Cordy certainly didn't.

"He actually started life as Jasper, but he suddenly asked our grandfather to change his name to John
when he was twelve. He never mentioned his reasons, but grandfather approved it anyway, " Zoe said

"Why do you think he did that?"

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