Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 323

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Zoe had always believed herself to be fortunate.

Aside from a small plight in her love life, everything else was smooth sailing for her.

Never could she have expected her world to fall apart like this.How did a legitimate heiress like her turn
into a mistress' daughter?! "We have nothing to do with each other now, Zoe York."

Nancy was being frighteningly cold.

Seeing Zoe being so miserable did make her feel just a tinge of remorse, but the thought that her own
daughter had suffered so much because of Zoe only made her feel even more disgusted.She hated
Zoe to the bone now for taking everything that was her biological daughter's! "Mom..." Zoe called out to
her nonetheless.

"Don't call me that!"* Nancy shrieked with visible disgust.

"I'm sorry," Zoe apologized—because she had stolen someone else's happiness.

"I don't need your apologies," Nancy said icily.

"Just stay out of my sight forever, and that would be the best repayment for all the kindness I've wasted
on you!""

And with those words, Nancy stormed off.She did not want to stay in that room a second longer or look
at Zoe for another moment.She felt no sentiment at all, and she was frighteningly determined.

Zoe's eyes were welling with tears, but she turned toward the other blurred silhouette before her.

Unable to stop herself, she called out, "John..."

John had hesitated for a while after Nancy left before turing to leave.

After hearing Zoe call out to him, however, he stopped.

"Or is it Mr.Levine now?" Zoe asked self-deprecatingly, her tears falling endlessly.

She had always loved and cherished her family.But it turned out that they were not even her family.

"What is it?"

John turned around, his response cold.

Zoe did not mind it before, since he had always been cold to her since she was a child.

But now, it hurt.So this is what abandonment felt like—it was like the world was ending for
her.Nonetheless, she did her best to stay calm and speak clearly, "Please tell Cordy that I can't help
her with her trial."

John gulped, and slowly said, "I've already told her."

"Thank you," she replied.

John held her gaze for a moment, but he ultimately turned to leave without speaking further.

Only Zoe herself and Jay were left in her ward.

She kept shedding tears while Jay sat beside her bed, keeping her company, silent as the grave.

Eventually, Zoe spoke flatly even as she continued to weep, "I used to mock you that you weren't a
Levine, that you were a selfish lapdog… I guess I'm getting my just deserts."

Her tears could not stop and only seemed to gush further as she continued, "So I'm not a Levine...No,
I'm just a b*st*rd that they disowned."

As she continued to rant, she suddenly laughed.Honestly, who could have known that life could get this

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