Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 317

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The nurse said urgently, "The patient's liver is ruptured and she needs type AB blood right now, but we
just received word from the blood bank that they don't have the amount she needs.Her family members
would be a viable donor or you can try contacting anyone with type AB blood to come forward as a
donor.We've already contacted our superiors to liaise with various major hospitals for logistics."

Still, she added, "However, the patient is currently in critical condition, so the faster, the better."

Nancy was almost left senseless from shock.

If the worst happened to Zoe...

"Let's call for donors right now," Ivan said, working hard to stay calm while whipping out his phone with
a shaking hand.

"I'll call Johnny.He can send everyone in the company with type AB blood over.Jay stood nearby, his
whole body stiff and shaking from restraint.His blood type was AB, but he could not donate to Zoe.On
the other hand, after Ivan called John, he turned to Nancy."

John made the arrangements right away.The donors will be here soon..."

However, that was when Nancy appeared puzzled.

She stared at Ivan for a moment before asking in uncertainty, "Darling, what's your blood type?"

"A," Ivan answered with no hesitation.

So Nancy did not misremember—her husband's blood type was A.But so was hers.

So how could they have a child with type AB blood together? Ivan realized right then too! They both
traded glances and Nancy soon hurried to the nurse's station.

"Nurse, could you talk to the doctors? They might have Zoe's blood type wrong—both my husband and
I have type A blood.There's no way our daughter can have type AB blood."

"Okay," the nurse quickly replied and called the people inside.

However, the response was the same and definitive: Zoe had type AB blood.It was a bolt from the blue,
leaving everyone stupefied.

Though it was unimaginable, if Zoe was not their daughter...

No! She had to be! She clearly took after Ivan too! The silence in the room was deafening, but soon,
more urgent footsteps could be heard.

Everyone turned to find a middle-aged woman asking in agitation, "Is Cora here? What happened to

It was the mother of the stunt double—the patients' families were informed once the accident

Still, she soon froze despite her initial shock, as both Ivan and Nancy were staring at her.She was
looking at them in turn, and her gaze turned evasive.

"Clara Gooding?" Nancy said her name tentatively just then—it was only natural since they had not
seen each other for twenty years.

It was only then that Clara seemed to recognize them and greeted them in turn, "Mr.York.Ms.Levine."

"What are you doing there?" Nancy asked.

"M-My daughter was hurt while she was filming. I came to see her, " Clara said nervously.

"So your daughter fell on top of mine? There's no telling what would happen to her now," Nancy
snapped angrily.

"Wait, what happened to Ms.York? Is it serious?"

Clara appeared utterly agitated right then, completely losing control right then. It was too suspicious,
and Nancy stared fixedly at her! As if realizing that, Clara quickly turned back to the nurse's station as if
to cover up something.

"How's my daughter, nurse?" But even as she asked...

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